Participant's Agreement

We, your trainers, agree to:

1) instruct you in positive job/career search techniques in a clear and precise manner.

2) provide an environment that will help you locate your own job/career and ultimately achieve self-sufficiency.

3) provide techniques and support on an on-going basis to enhance your efforts.

4) provide the work tools you need to succeed.

5) respect and treat you as the intelligent adult men and women that you are.

Group Leader__________________Date__________

I agree to:

1) treat my job/career search as I would a regular job, with discipline, persistence and integrity each day.

2) reschedule other personal business which would conflict with this process.

3) approach each day with an open-mind and a positive attitude.

4) use my time productively to learn the skills being taught and to utilize such information.

5) dress appropriately (within my means) for each job search or interview.

6) to be an active participant during the workshops.

7) actively job search until I have reached my goals and objectives.

8) pay any amount still owed to Building Blocks Unlimited , after becoming gainfully employed, according to the following pay back process: _________________________________________


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