In The Aftermath Of Redundancy

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Once the situation has been acknowledged and accepted as much as possible in any case the time has come to put the dark emotions such as depression, guilt and shame aside and look forward positively. Be very open and honest with your friends and family, as you will need their support as you embark on your job search and at times their patience also.

Pride can be the hardest thing to overcome as you feel a sense of shame and the -perceived social stigma of being unemployed.

Try to remain positive at all times and where possible follow this five step approach:

1.       Maintain an active social life

Financial constraints may play a part in this, so too may be the fact that much of your social life was based around your work colleagues. If this is true, make a conscious effort to keep in touch with them and where possible to make new friends by joining local activities, volunteer groups, community schemes etc.

2.       Keep Fit

Take regular exercise, eat healthily and get enough sleep. Maintaining a healthy body is as essential as keeping a positive frame of mind. Do not let yourself go. Remember that first impressions really do count and you need to look and feel sharp to be successful.

3.       Stimulate your mind

Do not allow yourself to become stale. Keep your mind alert and active by developing new skills and taking up new interests. Perhaps you would like to begin studying a subject you had long been interested in but didn’t have the time to pursue. Read and expand your knowledge base. Hook up with your local employment scheme and look at the courses they have on offer.

4.       Ask for help

Talk to your friends and family about how you are feeling and don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is always good to get things off your chest when you are feeling down or a little scared. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to listen to you and be aware that there are professional career counsellors who have seen all this before and can provide you with professional advice and support.

5.       Keep up appearances

As we stated previously in regard to keeping fit, do not let yourself go. Slopping around the house in tracksuits will do little to improve your state of mind or emotions. Continue to dress in your normal manner when taking meetings or going to the library or a course. Keep your head upright and maintain a cheerful disposition with a ready smile for the people you meet. The impression you project onto others will be returned to you.


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