How To Make Your Resume Shine


Your resume is without doubt the most important document in your bag as a job hunter. It is your ultimate sales representative which is to convey your suitability, more than any one else, for a job to the employer.

If your resume could shine so strong as to make you irresistible to the employer, sure you will get invited to the next stage of the employment process or direct interview, where you will have the chance to prove your ability or capability for the job - you are a way close to landing the job.

However, a dull, poorly written resume will only succeed in cutting short your desire to nail that dream job. You are left without an opportunity to be able to prove that no one is up to you on the job. This is why it is of much importance to give top priority to creating an irresistible resume. Here are some things that could make your resume shine so brightly as to ensuring that you are picked from the lot that also needed the job.

Communicate How Valuable You Will Be To The Employer

Have it in mind that the employer is looking for someone or people who could help them solve one or two problems, which are usually spelt out in the job description that goes with the job ad. For your resume to instantly hit them, it must tell them clearly your ability to solve their problem. It will shine even more brightly when it appears you have so much to deliver to the employer, than any other person could possibly have.

Demonstrate Credibility

It is not enough to tell the employer you have the ability to fix the problem for them, anyone can make claims, you will have to distinguish yourself by making your resume credible. This is by showing your professional experience in a provable and measurable manner.

Make It Error Free

Make sure to proofread your resume thoroughly. You may have to find someone to proofread it for you since the chance of missing to spot errors is high when proofreading your own work. This is very important as employers now look for the slightest error in applicants' resume to disqualify them. And that is justifiable because if you are saying in your resume that you are detailed oriented and thorough, it should show first in your resume.

Use Active Words and Voice

To bring out the shine in your resume, you will have to lace it with carefully selected words that captivate the reader and make them to want to have a chat with you. These are active words such as performed, supervised, directed, improved, invented, coordinated, etc. You should also speak in the active voice throughout and completely avoid speaking in the passive voice.

Be Concise

Your resume should be short and "punchy". It should contain just enough words as can sell you and nothing more. It isn't your autobiography, but your sales copy. Every word must be relevant to convincing the employer of your being the best candidate for the job. A standard resume is not more than two page long. However, if you have more content to add that can make your resume shine even more powerfully, please go ahead to include it.