Has the Internet Killed Off Cover Letters???

By: Sue-Ellen Farmer


Having worked in the recruitment industry for well over a decade as both an In-House Recruiter for a global brand name and an International Recruitment Consultant for a Global Consultancy I have to admit to despairing when I see a cover letter that is longer than the standard 3or 4 short paragraphs.

When you are constantly stretched for time and trying to fill multiple vacancies the need to skim over a cover letter and get to a well written Resume as quickly as possible in the slim hope of finding a star is critical.

With the introduction of the internet providing a platform for companies to advertise their vacancies live on their own websites and traffic ploughing through recruitment websites, the need for an over worded and self-promoting cover letter is fast becoming obsolete.

To drop by a potential employer or a Recruitment Consultants office with a long worded, self flattering and over promoting Cover Letter along with your Resume is now considered out dated and somewhat rather desperate.

The internet has enabled job seekers to complete an online application form confirming personal details, qualifications, allowing for a brief outline on professional experience and salary expectations followed by the uploading of a Resume.

Applying for a job has never been SO easy.

Should there ever be a need to write a Cover Letter it is best to KEEP IT BRIEF.

An example


Please find attached a copy of my Resume for your Senior Auditor vacancy (always put the vacancy title and any reference number).

Being a Certified Practising Accountant with over 5 years Senior Audit experience gained in a Top 3 Accountancy firm working on both internal and external audits, I consider my qualifications and professional experience to be of tremendous value to your organisation.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my application at your earliest convenience and will contact you early next week to arrange a mutually convenient interview time.

Yours sincerely.

Wishing you happy job hunting,

Sue-Ellen Farmer.

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