Assessing Your Verbal Reasoning Skills

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Employers test your verbal reasoning skills to determine your skill levels in language, spelling and grammar. To succeed in this test you must relax, take your time and read the entire question before you proceed to answer.

Many of us skim through our books or the newspaper as we read, subconsciously as a matter of fact, getting the gist of the sentence rather than reading the wording in its entirety. This is a practice that we have all been involved in since childhood without even realizing it until now. You cannot do this in the testing process, as it will hinder your ability to answer correctly.

To successfully answer the questions in these tests you must abide by the following principals:
  1. Concentrate on the test, pay attention and read each sentence in its entirety, before providing your answer.
  2. Re-read each sentence if it is proving ambiguous, don't assume you have the correct meaning. This is the most common mistake made at these tests, check and then double check before you answer. Testers are aware of our tendency to assume and can build in ambiguity to test our concentration levels.
  3. Check the meaning of each word; testers often use similar words in an attempt to confuse.
  4. If you don't understand a word or the context it is written in, break down the sentence and eliminate the wrong answers.
  5. Answer each question sequentially and don't skip. It is far too easy to mis-read a question if you are moving from one half of the page to the other, as your concentration does not remain true to the test.
  6. Make time to check over your answers before the end, even if this means not answering the final questions.

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