Presenting a Counter Offer

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Having made the decision to counter offer take some time to review the following information.

Once the initial offer has been made, take some time to consider your options and evaluate your position. Using tools like salary.com measure your experience and length of service to provide a realistic salary expectation.

When making your considerations evaluate the entire compensation package, looking at benefits including stock options, performance bonus, vacation days, pension and health insurance.

Remember that you are in the strong position as the candidate of choice and you are in a position to lever this position in your favour. Employers will generally allow a decent interval in which you may review the job offer and will anticipate the counter offer. If you find yourself under pressure you are being given a strong insight into the way this business/organization operates and you may ultimately decide that you don’t feel that this is the company for you.

Your greatest tool is effective research. Gather the relevant information and have your facts ready, anticipate questions and be armed with the salary range for the specific job you are seeking. Take length of service and experience into account in addition to the compensation and benefits on offer and be well versed in the industry standards.

Effective communication is a key factor in this endeavour, be positive and confident and assume a knowledgeable exterior.

You must request a higher salary, which will allow you the scope to negotiate down gaining the salary you initially desired. Demonstrate your strengths and experience and the contribution that you will make once hired, communicate that the salary paid out will be repaid through increased productivity or sales.

Effective sales of your abilities and experience throughout this process are a very persuasive tool in a successful negotiation. Be enthusiastic and positive and show continued interest in the position and your place in the company.

Aggression or a resigned negative attitude will damage your image severely and will guarantee failure in this difficult situation. Never make demands or be confrontational, the employer will be left with no alternative but to believe you are showing aspects of your true character.

Expect several different reactions from the employer to your counter proposal, anything from acceptance to surprise to a refusal to consider your proposal.

If you have already decided not to accept the offer or the follow up offer, discontinue the negotiations and avoid further time wasting which will damage your reputation. Remember that the business world is tight knit and contacts are far reaching. Avoid doing any harm to your reputation.

Once you have reached a satisfactory conclusion, ask for the agreement in writing. You will no longer be in a position to negotiate further and will have a clear and documented understanding of the terms set out.


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