Finding Your Personal Mission

By: Tony Marven


We all endeavour to fulfill a mission in life, but some people are unaware of what their mission is.

This may be because they have never really thought about it before, or because they are just 'going with the flow' and the idea of mission is something an army, or priest might use. The concept of a personal mission may be unimportant to us, yet deep down we know when we have been misguided by our own decisions and become stuck in an uncomfortable situation.

The problem with having no mission is that you can easily end up in situations that provide very little satisfaction for you. This results in poor performance and stress if engaged in dissatisfying pursuits for long periods of time. A personal mission is used to guide you in the key decisions you make which are likely to have a major impact on your life, such as the type of work you are best suited to, or the way you interact with other people, or the way you approach certain tasks.

A personal mission is meant for you alone, not for others to admire you by. It should be an expression of the way you intend to live your life, and fulfil your ambition. It should inspire you at the deepest level. It can encompass all areas of your life e.g. work, family, social. A personal mission does not have to be set in stone forever it is quite possible that future experiences will cause you to revisit your personal mission and adapt it to guide you in new directions.

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