Write Away Your Stress - Create a Diary Online

By: RobertaDigitalDiaries


Stressed? Then create a diary online. Writing is a de-stressor -- it releases tension. It can be a meditation--and quiet the mind. It is like telling your true stories confessions to someone who holds your secrets safe. It is also a mood-changer and elevator, capable of making you happy. Writing is an outlet, everyone is creative when they write, for it helps you let go of your negative thoughts. Just the act of writing down those negative thoughts lets them go and de-stresses. Let it be a creative, Aristotlian catharsis. Ponder, philosophize and produce your own written works of art in a daily diary and feel your stress melt away.

Writing helps settle the mind. With so much external stimulation around us, writing can help quiet the mind while releasing pent-up anxiety and frustration. Just look at all those bloggers out there blowing off steam! Writing helps you focus on those issues and problems affecting your daily life and brings them into perspective in a non-threatening fashion. Writing gives us insight into our real selves and real feelings about life and relationships. Writing down our thoughts and feelings helps us expresses emotions we might not otherwise let out, and provides intimate understanding of why we do and say the things we do. Putting our hopes, dreams, expectations, fears and anxieties down on paper gives them validity in uncertain, stressful times.

In these super-charged, uncertain stressful times, we must create that quiet for ourselves - take the time to focus inward, be with our feelings, breath, explore our day and the surrounding events be they frustrating, meaningful or trivial. Only you know what matters - you're not trying to impress anyone here. Speak your mind. Write it down. Let it out.

If you take the time each day to exercise, you know that doing so releases endorphins thereby reducing stress. Writing can accomplish the same. You will get a writer's high! It should be a daily activity taken just for yourself, to get in touch with your innermost thoughts. Get on the path to self-discovery. A great way to start is to create a diary online. You can also do it anonymously in a communal diary -- no need to stress out about who is reading it. An added benefit will be that you find others who are going through similar experiences. Knowing your are not alone can help in your journey. Remember: A page a day will keep the doctor away!

© 2007 Roberta H. All rights reserved. Roberta H. is a New Media strategist and consultant who believes healthy, stress - free living is a person's own choice. Clear up your mind and create a diary online and tell your secrets online.