Consumers Can't Live Without the Free Newsletter, "Really Good Info"
By: Elisabeth Lawrence


"Really Good Info" (www.reallygoodinfo.com), a free monthly newsletter that is emailed to everyone who subscribes, is giving Americans kernels of vital information. "Most people don't know how to save thousands of dollars on their credit card bills, the top five secrets that will help their children raise their grades, or the five critical steps they should immediately take if they have a traffic accident," says Brad Lakin, an attorney specializing in consumer rights and the President of The Lakin Law Firm in Wood River, IL.

"Between television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet, Americans are bombarded with information," says Lakin. "The question becomes, how do you sift through information overload and find the nuggets of information that can make the difference between living a good life and living a great life?"

Lakin continues, "Really Good Info answers questions that affect everyone's lives, like how to save money and how to have better relationships. Our goal is not to provide in depth investigative pieces, but rather to offer expert advice on topics from health and fitness to finance and consumer purchases." With insider information on how to protect yourself against consumer rip-offs, how to keep you and your loved ones safe, and how to bring more enjoyment into your life, Lakin views "Really Good Info" as a public service that gives readers both food for thought and readily accessible information they can implement immediately.

"Really Good Info" covers a wide range of topics. For example, the free newsletter reveals that buying a car during certain times of the year can save the consumer thousands of dollars. Readers embrace information about the single most important weight loss strategy they can implement and the steps they can take in order to lower their credit card interest rates. Likewise, "Really Good Info" provides tips on the five secrets that will help readers' children improve their grades, and the first five steps to take if the reader is ever in a car accident. Advice on career advancement, relationship success, and consumer law is also incorporated into issues of "Really Good Info," making the free newsletter a quick and useful read.

Lakin's interest in providing consumers with a free monthly newsletter is an extension of his legal work as a consumer advocate. During the past year, for example, Lakin won a $43 million verdict against the Ford Motor Company on behalf of his clients, John and Dora Jablonski. Both were badly injured when their Lincoln Town Car burst into flames after a wrench in the Jablonskis' trunk punctured the fuel tank during a rear end collision.

Lakin explains that the Lincoln Town Car, like the Grand Marquis and Crown Victoria, is designed with a vertical behind the axle fuel tank. Because it is located in the rear crush zone, there is an increased risk of fire in rear end collisions. "We contended that this design feature has been linked to numerous deaths and that Ford knew this design was dangerous yet took no action to protect the public."

The Lakin Law Firm specializes in a variety of consumer practice areas, including nursing home abuse and neglect, personal injury, workers compensation, and railroad and maritime injuries. "Really Good Info" is simply a reflection of Brad Lakin's conviction that consumers need to be informed in order to protect themselves and their loved ones and to live a great life.

2006 Elisabeth Lawrence