Incorporating Public Relations into Your Website Design
By: S. Reeves Morris

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When you create a website to draw customers to your company, you want to incorporate as many aspects of good public relations as possible. The internet provides you with so many marketing opportunities, you can choose from a wide variety of methods for reaching potential customers in a way that suits your company's vision and strategy. To help you with some ideas of how to incorporate Denver public relations into your website, here is a list of common online marketing methods:
  • Website Design. This may seem like a basic, but if you don't have a good website design, you can forget public relations, Denver or elsewhere. People want see something that looks professional and in line with your industry. A fun site is great for family activities and dog accessories, but when you create a site for stock analysis or human relations, you want to present an image that is polished. Talk overyour color scheme and esthetics with a qualified website designer.

  • Content. If you do not have quality content, you will lose any chance you might have had at winning a new client. This does not just apply to those sites that will provide articles for users to read. If you are marketing your ability to provide the best insurance rates or the best garden tools, you need to enlist the help of a professional copywriter. Denver public relations involves relating knowledge to the consumer, and without good copy, you cannot do this.

  • Email Lists. This is the only way to reach your web clientele when they are away from your site. If you want to tell them about a new product, some new training that your employees have undergone, or the latest advances in your industry, you need to keep in touch with your clients via email. To do this, you have to have their email addresses. Have a place on your homepage near the top where users can sign up to receive updates.

  • Newsletters. Again, reaching out to the customer when they are not using your site is vital to maintaining contact and getting your brand on the mind of the buyer. So a quality newsletter sent to their email inbox is an excellent way to stay in touch. On a regular basis, you send out a few articles that touch on topics of interest to your clientele. If you run an online bookstore, send out a newsletter with timely book reviews. If you run an insurance brokerage with an online presence, send out a newsletter with tips on getting the best deal on life insurance. Your customer will think of you as their ally in the marketplace rather than just another merchant trying to sell them something.

  • Email Marketing. Closely related to the newsletter aspect of your Denver public relations plan, is the email marketing power of that regular message. You can cross sell products, advertise new lines, and offer discounts to existing customers.

  • Information Products. When users sign up at your site, they will want something in return. An information product, such as an ebook or tip sheet, is a great way to entice someone to give you their email.

  • Testimony. Always incorporate the words of satisfied customers. This will sell someone on your service perhaps faster than great copy.
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