Why Trying to "Get the Appointment" Can be a Recipe for Dis-Appointment

By: Ari Galper


Last week, this e-mail from Jack arrived in my inbox:

To: Ari Galper
From: Jack
Subj.: Help! I need to get more appointments

Dear Ari,

I've just coined a new disease for the medical books, and I'm hoping you can help me cure it.

Have you ever heard of "freezing-up-on-the-first-call paralysis"? It's brought on by the stress of selling!

I'm new to sales, and, as I've been starting out, I've studied all the programs from all the "sales masters."

They all insist that, when I call new prospects, I should be laser-focused on getting appointments.

The problem is, when I make that first call and lead the conversation toward the goal of getting an appointment, I hit a "wall."

I know that if I can just get face-to-face with prospects, they'll see the value of my solution -- but I can't even get there because they shut me down.

When they tell me "I'm not interested" or "I'm busy now" or "We already have a vendor," I'm left with nowhere to go.

What's worse, I can't even come up with what to say next.

Can you recommend some "medicine" that will help?

Always open-minded,


"Whew!" I thought when I read this. "That's an intense e-mail!" Jack's e-mail started me thinking about the hundreds of conversations I've had with many of you who are out there selling your solutions day in and day out.

I realized that his "disease" is so pervasive that those of you who are suffering from it could probably use a "prescription" from the Unlock The GameT pharmacy.

This was my response to Jack:

To: Jack
From: Ari Galper
Subj.: RE: Help? I need to make more appointments

Dear Jack,

First of all, thank you so much for being open to sharing your painful selling challenge.

You articulated so beautifully what so many other people are experiencing, and I hope you won't mind if I share your e-mail and this response with my newsletter subscribers.

Here's why you've been afflicted with this "disease"-- and what you can do to cure it.

The "wall" you hit when you try to get the appointment is the prospect's reaction to you putting your own objectives ahead of the crucial trust-building process that would actually allow an appointment to emerge.

By laser-focusing on getting the appointment, you're sabotaging three factors that are vital if you're going to build trust.

To build trust, you need to:

1. Focus the conversation on your prospect's problems, while holding off on offering your solution.

2. Create a two-way dialogue instead of a one-way monologue.

3. Determine whether you and your prospect are a "fit" in terms of being in sync about putting resources toward solving the problems.

All three of these elements must happen in the most natural way possible... and you can help them to come about. Here's how:

* Invite your prospect into the conversation naturally and comfortably -- not by making a mini-introduction about yourself (that only triggers the "wall"), but by asking, "Can you help me out for a second?"

* Toss out your selling scripts and create a dialogue path around the specific problems that you know your product or service can solve.

For example, rather than saying, "Our solution lowers costs," try, "Our solution solves three specific problems that you may be experiencing."

Then, state exactly what those problems are.

Identifying and agreeing on the prospect's problems is crucial but not enough to build the trust and commitment you're seeking.

You can continue the conversation with something along these lines: "Sounds as if these issues are important for you, but, if we can just take a second, are they considered a priority, given what else might be on your plate right now?

I mean, are these problems immediate enough that your company can put resources into a solution at this point?"

You see, Jack, the basic cause of your "disease" is that you're not focusing your calls on your prospect's perspective. But if you simply expand your mindset and begin implementing new problem-solving language, you might be surprised when your prospect suggests making an appointment.

Warmest regards,


The next day, Jack replied:

To: Ari Galper
From: Jack
Subj. Re: Help! I need to make more appointments

Dear "Dr." Ari,

Thank you so much! Your reply gave me a huge sense of relief.

All of a sudden, I'm feeling "healthy" and motivated again.

Your relieved patient,


P.S. Sure, please do share our conversation with your subscribers so they don't have to suffer the way I have.

Try this medicine and see if it works for you.

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