Five Mistakes That Affiliates Make in Marketing
By: Markus Corkern


More and more affiliates are making the same mistakes in affiliate marketing. The worst part is that they're just doing what they're taught by the "affiliate marketing experts." It is unbelievable that 95% of affiliates make no money. The problem is the way the 95% are running their affiliate marketing businesses. Avoiding the most common mistakes made by affiliates will easily and quickly increase your chances of making affiliate sales. Below you will learn the top mistakes made and how to avoid them. Hopefully, this will make you a much better top seller.

1. Not Building for Search Engines:
Most successful affiliates learn to make the search engines their best friends. They are the best source for long-term, free traffic for your affiliate sites. Your site needs to contain clean coding, provide excellent content, and optimize all your pages. It might be in your best interest to get in touch with someone who does search engine optimization to give you a helping hand.

Some affiliate web sites have so much going on that the visitor gets confused and they hit the back button and never come back. It is important to keep your pages clean and targeted to get them to click over to the products and merchant(s) you are promoting.

2. Banners, banners and more banners:
Probably the biggest problem seen in affiliate sites is that they are filled with too many banners. The goal is to lure someone with good content and then urge them to click on the banner to learn more. If you put in the effort by having original personal endorsements, short descriptions, relevant articles and graphics, you will see your sales increasing. Take the time to personalize your site and modify it to suit your target area. Visitors will appreciate knowing that you are a real person running the site that they are visiting.

3. Promoting the Program instead of the Product:
It never fails; affiliates joint the ever popular two-tier affiliate programs and then create a one page site telling other people to join. Unless you are extremely skilled at luring in key people, or know how to get thousands of affiliates to sign up, you are not going to get rich.

It is best to find an affiliate program that is a product or service that you can promote and sell. You will have much better chance of making money by promoting products that are of incredibly good value, that you believe in and can easily sell by telling people about your incredible find.

4. Playing It CHEAP:
We know that you really don't want to spend a lot of money getting your business up and running, but NOONE wants to visit a site that looks like you don't have any money. You want to avoid sites that look like they are on a free hosting site with a free e-mail address. This just send the message to potential subscribers that either you have not made any money or that you really don't know what you are doing. Domain names and hosting is really cheap these days. Spending about 9 dollars a year for domain name and less than 5 dollars a month for hosting will not break your bank. In the long run, it will make your site look professional and more people will take you seriously.

5. Lack of Solid Foundation:
Most affiliates have high hopes of earning high commissions but are promoting questionable products and services. Building something of value and creating a business that you are proud of and creating a solid foundation is the key to earning money. Even if your site is small, make sure that it is useful, strong, and informative not only about what you are selling, but how it will help people. When you build a site that helps people, it will do wonders for your marketing. Another way to improve your foundation is to allow people to link to your site. The more people see your site out there, the more you will sell.

It does take time to build the perfect affiliate site. However, with a little perseverance and patience, people will see your site, view you as an expert in your field, and ask for interviews. All of this will attach more and more links to your site and you will see your site climbing.

Build a business based on a solid foundation. If you keep it real, give people what they want in a helpful way, you will succeed and continue to grow your business.

Markus Corkern, 2006.

Markus Corkern is a writer and affiliate director for http://www.megaffiliates.com. He is active in new research and development in the internet affiliate marketing field.