Top Four Tips for Landing a Job After Graduation

PORTLAND, Ore. April 16, 2003


Go Niche; Go Now; Go Where the Jobs Are

It's that time of year again when soon-to-be college grads are nervous about finding a job and entering the workforce as a full-time employee. Facing one of the toughest job markets in years, competition is fierce. Graduates of all levels need as much information and tools as possible preferably at their fingertips.

What can college grads do today? According to CareerWomen.com, the leading e-Recruiting niche site by and for women, the number one tip for this year is to go "niche."

"Even in a tough economy, corporate recruiters are seeking qualified candidates and are having a difficult time finding them at the general job sites," said JillXan Donnelly, president of CareerWomen.com. "CareerWomen.com has opportunities for women and diversity job seekers from leading Fortune 500 companies who are looking for qualified niche candidates. CareerWomen.com will help you be found by some the world's most-respected and sought after companies."

The first step towards increased chances of landing the "all important interview" is to be more accessible and visible to companies who are in a position to hire. Marketing yourself and utilizing a targeted online career site for job searching and posting your resume will increase your visibility and highlight your valuable niche status.

Looking for tips to outsmart your competition for the job look no more:

1. Seek out targeted opportunities while large job boards, want ads and career fairs are useful tools when searching for a job, be discovered at niche sites such as CareerWomen.com and DiversitySearch.com where recruiters are actively seeking candidates like you.

2. Informational interviews utilize and take advantage of both face-to-face, informational and virtual informational interviews meet and network with people in your desired field, professionals often enjoy talking about themselves and what they do - research, do your homework on companies and industry trends in your area of focus. Bring contact cards and come prepared to talk about yourself, your accomplishments, and your past work and don't forget to send a thank you card!

3. Research, Research, Research do your homework on companies and industry trends in your area of interest. Read corporate profiles, e-interviews such as Up Close & Virtual with professionals in your chosen field, industry association newsletters, magazines and journals. Being prepared may give you the information or special contact to give you the inside edge.

4. College alumni rosters join your university's alumni association before you graduate. Many companies tap into college alumni rosters in search of candidates with specific educational backgrounds or related work experience. Using the roster, you may find an alum in a particular area or industry that can help you get the inside scoop.

For additional women and diversity resources, career strategies, e-interviews and employment opportunities, visit www.CareerWomen.com.

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