Getting the Interview Edge "Apprentice-Style"

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The popularity of reality TV phenomenon, "The Apprentice," provides job seekers new insights on the importance of the interview. While most employers have less than a 15-week interview process, many lessons can be learned from how all candidates were evaluated during "The Apprentice." CareerWomen.com asked leading employers and recruiters for their top tips on gaining the interview edge.

  1. Be Prepared

    Familiarize yourself with the company as well as the position. Get up-to-date on current corporate issues, so you can address any questions about direction and opportunity. Develop a list of questions prior to the interview to demonstrate your interest and curiosity about the company. According to one recruiter, "I'm always stunned at how many times someone applies for a new job that they know nothing about or are unqualified for. Be prepared, professional and qualified if you want to go to the next step."

  2. Be Qualified

    Highlight related experience, education and skills. Have solid references that will validate your qualifications. A leading recruiter comments, "Be good at what you do. Create great references by being the best you can at the job you already have."

  3. Make A Positive Impact

    Highlight your strengths and what you uniquely bring to the job opening. Show how you can make a positive impact. Demonstrate interest, insight, initiative and enthusiasm. Do you want the job? A CareerWomen.com employer suggests, "If you're applying for a marketing job, for example, bring in a sample campaign or ideas. Doing this would demonstrate an extraordinary candidate."

  4. Be Professional

    Common courtesies will take you a long way at setting the right professional impression. For example, be sure to turn off the cell phone before the interview. If your interview is over lunch, watch your manners. Most importantly, be on time!

  5. Be A Good Communicator

    Get to the point quickly and say what needs to be said. A leading employer suggests, "don't be too talkative or try to act like you know it all." Practice and prepare by answering sample interview questions found at sites like CareerWomen.com, and create responses for different levels within the organization.

  6. Follow-Up Appropriately

    Email a thank you note immediately that summarizes the interview and your ability to contribute to the organization. Be sure that your email address is professional, not "hotchick@aol.com."
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