How To Realize Your Long-Life Dream

By: Serg


Everybody has his or her long-life dream, but not everybody makes a reality of it. You wish to have your own business and to succeed in it. Why don't you realize your desire? Are you afraid of starting absolutely new life full of responsibilities and problems? Or maybe your wish is not as strong as should be? If this is not the case and you are ready to get over a great number of problems to achieve your greatest goal then go ahead!What should you learn to be ready to overcome different obstacles? If you have never faced with time management you should know the following main rules of successful time management.

Don't ignore setting the goals
First of all you have to set your main goal. It has to be clear and reachable in order to map out an effective action plan. If you clearly understand and formulate your goal it will help you to find the ways to achieve it saving your precious time and efforts. It is your 'guiding star' that shows you whether you are closer to it or not at every step of your activity. Don't try to reach your aim immediately. Break it into short-term goals and go towards it step-by-step from more simple to more difficult ones. Make a list of your long-term and short-term goals in the form of tasks that you have to do to reach corresponding goals.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail
It means that without proper and competent planning you have more chances to meet unexpected problems, poor preparation and to fail your business at all. So, to avoid that, get into a habit to plan your activities. Good planning forces you to think about your tasks and projects before you start doing them and to put your thoughts in right direction beforehand. Planning your daily, weekly and monthly workflow will help you not to get distracted and to spend time with the best use.

Prioritize to avoid losing time
Well, once the goals are already specified and the tasks are set, start organizing your time. You can use not only paper but also software to do it. Always remember that time doesn't stop and try to use it properly. You may feel that you have so many things to do that you don't even know where to start. Learn to prioritize your tasks. Make the more important tasks Urgent or High and set Normal or Low priority to the tasks that don't need hurrying up. This will guarantee that you will complete those tasks without which you can't move forward. Don't try to accomplish easier or more pleasant tasks first, don't pass by the most crucial ones. This will make you more disciplined and productive.

Have dividends of spending time on scheduling
When you rely on your sense of time and don't estimate it you run risks to spend on particular task more time than it needs in fact. To solve this problem start scheduling your tasks. Estimate the time you need for each task, its priority, define its deadlines, due dates and in accordance with them schedule the task on required date and time, set task's start and finish date. There are situations when it's useful to set Reminder to remember about the most important things. Keep following your schedule and it will bring up your responsibility and self organization. If you are responsible and organized yourself only then you can expect your team mates to have these qualities.

Reward yourself with every small triumph
If you make a habit to track your Task list daily you will be able to watch your progress and enjoy it every day. This feeling will add you extra strength to go further. Let us congratulate you with starting your career. From such small victories your successful starts growing up.

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