Work at Home, Earn Extra Money and Increase your Income by Writing

By: Lucy May


The World Wide Web as we know it today is huge, the opportunity for earning extra money on the internet is abundant. Every minute of everyday, people all over the world are logging in, online. The one basic ingredient they all share is the thirst for information. As a writer you have the skills and the knowledge to fill this void. Your earnings can only increase dramatically.

They say that there is a book inside all of us, but few people ever attempt to put pen to paper or in today's modern world, finger to keyboard. Many budding writers dream of publishing that best-selling novel which in turn is sold to Hollywood for a blockbuster movie deal. In reality of course this seldom happens. However a steady income can easily be earned from writing, whether chosen as a career or to write in your spare time for extra money.

The market for writing today is vast. Not only is there the traditional route, writing novels fiction or non-fiction, stories short or long for publications. But there is also a large opportunity for writers to earn money using the internet.You will discover online companies that publish articles where payment to the writer is dependant on readers clicking on the sponsors advertisements within the article's pages. Another way to increase your income is to write reviews for consumer sites, some pay for submission, again some pay per click.

Personal blogs have grown immensely over the past few years; with revenue paying ad's accompanying the bloggers content. The experience of writing regularly to your blog is immeasurable. If you maintain this posting over a period of time, there are companies who will pay you to blog for other blogsites.

A word of caution though, there are plenty of scams around. Job opportunities, disguised as writing positions. Beware of sites that offer you the chance to 'work in your pajama's' earning thousands overnight 'while you sleep'. Basically these companies charge you a fee, supposedly backed up by a refundable guarantee. Do not believe this hype; check out the forums that are full of warnings about these so called 'companies'. They take your money, tell you to write an advertisement placing your affiliate code at the bottom and hey presto you are rich! Only you are not, not a cent. As for the guarantee, not worth the time you spent reading it. Good luck trying to claim a refund. No respectable company is going to charge you any money to work for them.

How to sites and guides form valuable services to the budding writer. There are as shown above pitfalls to avoid. Today no-one has to go it alone, communication with others is one of the most successful aspects of the internet. Any site with a help page always contains a 'contact us' point, use it, when it comes to the writing profession you will always find a friendly answer to anything you wish to say.

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