Handling Family Objections To Your Home Based Business

By: Chris Keenan


Here are some issues that most certainly will be brought up by your spouse or significant other if you are planning on running a home based business:

- You are wasting your time
- It's a scam
- Just work at your job so you can make REAL money
- You are not an entrepreneur
- We can't afford to own a home business

......... and the list of excuses will go on and on.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? It does to me, because I have heard it not only from my family members, but from my friends and co-workers as well. The sad thing is that at one time, I believed all these nay-sayers. You probably also believe friends and family that tell you this as well.

The one major thing that I have learned in my many years as a home business owner, is to NOT LISTEN to those who did not have what i wanted. When I look back now, those nay-sayers were the ones that kept me broke. They did not pay my phone bill. They did not buy food for me. They did make my car payment. They all struggled to pay for these things for their own family and then turned around and told me that I should do what they do........work at a job. It took me awhile, but i finally figured out that there was something wrong with that picture.

Here are some guidelines that I now follow as a home business owner:

1)   Take advise only from those who have succeeded and have       what you want.
2)   Focus on your result, not the means by which you achieve       it.
3)   A JOB is just that (Just Over Broke)
4)   Never give up
5)   Focus on helping others and you will see the results of your       efforts.
6)   SWSWSW (some will, some won't, so what!!)
7)   Leave a legacy for your spouse, family and children. (your       life has meaning)
8)   Listen to the nay-sayers, and then simply move on.
9)   Accept delayed gratification.
10)  Dream.........BIG

The road to success id not easy. There are those individuals that tell you it cannot be done all along the way. Stay focused on your dreams and goals. Do not let these well meaning individuals destroy them, even though they think it is in your best interest. It's your life, your family and the success of others that is at stake.

To your success and stay focused!

© 2006 Christopher Keenan. All rights reserved.

About the author:
Christopher Keenan has been a successful banker and lender for over 25 years. He now promotes home business opportunities and ideas at www.bizmancan.com