How To Write Ads That Get Results!

By: Tina Barraclough


You've got approximately 0.5 seconds to grab someone's attention with a classified ad. That is not much time for you to convince someone with your ad (s). You can dramatically increase your results with your ad (s) if you know how to write an ad to get results. Knowing how to write an ad that not only grabs the readers attention, but convinces them is the key to any ad.

Below I have listed some tips for you to follow when writing an ad, that can increase your results for your ad. Try some or all of them and see what works for your ad (s).

(1) Look at other people's ads for some ideas. When looking at these ads think about what caught your attention as well as what didn't. By doing this, you will see what kind of ad that you need to write that will bring you results.

(2) Think about who you want to target with your ad. For example, let's say your ad is promoting a home business opportunity, then you obviously would only want to target people who are looking for such opportunities. Your ad would not be effective for someone who is not interested in a home business opportunity.

(3) The headline to your ad is THE most important part of the ad. The headline should be no longer than 5 to 7 words. Use "Action" verbs that catch their attention or ask a question to catch their attention. For example, " Would you like to quit your job?" Type the headline in all caps or cap the letter of every word to get the readers attention.

(4) I have noticed that if you have something "Free" to offer the reader, this usually will catch their attention right away. For example, maybe you could offer them a free e-book about home businesses, etc.

(5) Keep your ads brief. Do not give the reader to much information. Most people will not read ads that are long and full of hype. When writing your ad, what you want to do is only use a few descriptive words to simply state what you are selling or offering, but still pique their curiosity.

(6) Do not use all caps in your ad (s). When you use all caps it makes the ad hard to read, and is also considered as yelling. Most people will consider this as being rude and will not look at what you are offering.

(7) Always make sure you end your ad (s) by telling the reader exactly how to respond to your ad (s). Keep it simple and easy, make sure you have included your e-mail address and website address if you have one.

(8) Always proof read your ad (s) before you place them anywhere. Also, make sure your web and e-mail addresses are correct and in working order. Your ad (s) will not be worth anything if it has the wrong contact information. This is one of the main reasons why an ad may have poor responses.

(9) Revise and test your ad (s) over and over again until you write an ad that works for you. You should only test one revised ad at a time, this way you will know which one of your ads is working and where.

If you would like to learn more about ad writing, I have listed some places where you can find tutorials on ad writing.

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Once you have written an ad that you are pleased with, you will need to start placing classified ads. Free advertising does work, but it requires a lot of work and in time you will start to see results. Below I have listed some places for you to place your ad (s). To find places where you can place your ad (s), go to your favorite search engine and type in "free classifieds", "home business classifieds", "work from home classifieds", etc.

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Tina Barraclough is a stay at home mom to four beautiful children and owner of http://best-home-based-business-idea.com. Visit her website for business opportunities, articles, free e-books, etc.