How to Start Your Affiliate Business

By: Markus Corkern


Does this sound familiar:

“Getting started is easy!”
-- Complete the online application below.
-- Read the ‘Affiliate Agreement’ and the additional terms     included with it!
-- We notify you of your acceptance.
-- Place the links on your site and Start earning cash!

Just like that, you think you are on your way to earning 100s of dollars in income right away. You hear the success stories. You see the potential for earning an income on the internet. You jump right in and join a bunch of affiliate programs, purchase the services and software that you are told that you need…. Now you have spent all this money and have still not made anything to show for your efforts.

What you need to do is start by planning out your business. Make sure that you have an overall business plan. Put this down on paper. When planning your business, you need to determine which affiliate programs to join. You want to avoid just putting up a list of affiliate links. This will never encourage people to buy from you. Do your research about products and services. There is so much out there on the internet about everything… this should not be a hard task. Look to see what people are out there buying. Keep in mind that most people on the internet are looking for information. Make sure that you are able to provide then with the information that is helpful to them. Choose something that you can be passionate about and work hard at showing people how your product or service will help them. This will encourage visitors to click on that banner and purchase the goods or services that you are promoting.

Once you have figured out what your business is then it is time to establish a presentation of your business - Your WEB SITE. This does not have to be a grand 20 page web site. It is more of a one to two page site that allows you to pitch your business. Remember, if you are not building a business, you are not going to earn any money on affiliate sites. You want to keep your site very easy to understand and browse through. You want to make sure that you show your passion about the products or services that you are selling. Show people what the product or service can do for them. Make them think that it is something that they cannot live without. Use testimonials and personalize your web page for the product or service. You want people to see that you are just the average Joe who has found this wonderful product and show what it is going to do for them. It does not have to be anything elaborate. In fact, simplicity is the key to keeping people on your site. The more ‘Bling’ that you have going on, the less likely that people will stay on your site.

Remember, starting any business is difficult. Don’t expect to make big money right away. It takes time to establish trust with customers. But, by planning your business and building a quality site, you will avoid the mistakes that many affiliates make. You will be way ahead of the pack and on your way to building a viable web BUSINESS.

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Markus Corkern is a writer and affiliate director for http://www.megaffiliates.com. He is active in new research and development in the internet affiliate marketing field.