Job Outlook for MBAs in 2007 - You're Gonna Need Shades

By: Heather Eagar


As a new management graduate, your job prospects are looking better than ever! According to Job Outlook 2007, employers are planning to employ 17.4% more new graduates than they did in 2006. This increase is across all sectors service (19.8% increase), manufacturing (9.5% increase) and government/non-profit (9% increase).

This year, MBAs will enter a market with 22.1% higher demand for their skills. MBA degree holders in demand are in the fields of Accounting, Business Administration/Management, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Sciences and Systems, Marketing / Marketing Management, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Economics and Finance.

Upbeat Employment Market

The market is looking up, the economy is improving, rising demand for goods and services, the baby boomers are nearing retirement age all these factors are contributing to the booming employment market. Most employers have already solidified their spots at campus recruitment sessions for the spring of 2007.

Starting salaries are expected to go up by nearly 10%. Prospective employers are looking for a high level of motivation and fresh ideas that will benefit their organizations. They are looking for candidates that they can mold to be future leaders. A good GPA will help you get your foot in the door. To progress, prospective employers are looking at communication (grammar and writing skills), honesty, teamwork, leadership potential and a strong work ethic.

Work experience in the form of an internship at a leading company will help you stand out among the many job applicants.

Innovative Salary Structures

Employers are trying to be innovative in their salary structures to attract good candidates. Medical (life and dental) insurance, tuition reimbursement, planned social activities, bonus/commission plans, flextime, longer vacation and telecommuting are just part of the attractive perks and compensation packages being offered. In addition, as an MBA, there's a good chance you'll get a signing bonus.

Don't let the booming employment market let you get complacent, even if you are graduating as an MBA with experience. Enlist the help of a job and career coach to help you 'market yourself'. Be sure to attend your first MBA interview armed with knowledge about your prospective employer, the prevailing market conditions, the motivation to be a team player and a willingness to learn. Often, attitude trumps aptitude in the employer's eyes.

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