Case Study 3 – Redundancy

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Tim had been working as an Operations Manager for almost all of his professional working life. At the age of forty-eight he was quite unexpectedly made redundant. Completely at sea and unsure of what to do next he was in a state of shock unable to move forward.

So devastated was he by the loss of his job that he hid the news of his redundancy from his wife and children for the shame he felt was immense. Emotionally exhausted and drained he began a weary search for a new position.

Tim had been very comfortable within his previous role and as such had failed to improve his knowledge base by learning IT skills or new management techniques. He had never dreamed that he would be part of the job search brigade again and struggled with putting a resume together that reflected his years of experience and management expertize.

As the realization of both his age and his situation hit him he became increasingly morose and depressed, too ashamed to confide his fears to his wife he woke each morning at his customary time and dressed for work. Leaving the house in his suit, with his briefcase by his side he made his way to a local coffee shop where he perused the newspapers looking for a new position.

Following several unsuccessful interviews Tim realized that he needed to take control of the situation. Recognizing his depression was becoming a problem he went to see a career counsellor who helped him to face up to the situation and analysed his career and prospects for the future.

With professional help creating a new resume, Tim managed to secure a position with a start-up company that consisted of only ten employees. Reluctant at first and hesitant about the future Tim remained unhappy about the situation.

However, within three months Tim was finding the challenge posed by the start-up company had released his old ambitions and enthusiasm. Despite his reluctance to surrender himself to a position so foreign to his way of thinking he found the change in circumstances had made a positive difference to his life. He had sustained the pretence and had transitioned into his new role while he having everyone believe it had been his choice.

His pride once more intact, Tim had learned to accept the challenge set before him and worked hard right through to his retirement turning the start-up company into a roaring success. n he had initially imagined. Now fifty years of age he saw clearly how difficult it was to convince an employer that an older candidate could add value to the operation.

Robert realized early on that he would have to prove himself at every interview by demonstrating his enthusiasm and experience and removing the focus from his age.

Finally after several unsuccessful interviews Robert got lucky. He landed a position as a Senior Architect at a new firm where the partners that interviewed him quickly gauged the weight of his message and were impressed by his flexible approach, his energy and ambition, his extensive IT knowledge and his commitment to getting the job done.

They recognized his maturity and reliability for the strengths they were and welcomed him into the company where he proved to be a real success story.

Ageism is out there, but it takes a determined approach and a will to learn and upgrading your knowledge to succeed where others have failed.


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