One Of A Kind

By: Henry Neils


There is no one else like you. You are unique.

A friend of mine makes great vegetable soup! She’s been making it a long time, but somehow, it always has that same wonderful flavor. I too make make terrific vegetable soup, but it tastes differently. Here’s the striking part: we both use the same ingredients! The difference is in the proportions.

Have you ever met anyone just like you? I mean really just like you: same height, weight, appearance, talents, preferences, hopes, beliefs, aspirations, passions…? No. Even the identical twins I’ve talked to can tell me how they differ. There are no two people who are truly identical.

Even our bodies testify to our uniqueness. We all have different DNA, different fingerprints, and different retina patterns. We are each a unique masterpiece. It’s no surprise then that the same is true for our talents and motivations.

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