How Long Will This Take?

By: Henry Neils


People often want to know how long it will take to find a job that fits like a glove. They are shocked when I tell them, "The rest of your life." I say this because it's healthier and more realistic to think about this as a process and not an event.

Some people go right out and land their dream job. Others may take a couple of hops before they can maneuver into a job aligned with their strengths. Others need to pick up some prerequisite training or credentials. But no matter whether somebody finds their dream job next week or next year, we all must deal with the one immutable law of life: THINGS CHANGE.

Companies are acquired. Businesses fail. Great managers are replaced by lousy ones. People are laid off. Stuff happens continually. So even when you have your dream job, no one can guarantee how long you'll have it.

Also, as time goes on you will grow in your understanding of your own strengths. It's not uncommon for us to hear people say that they read their career assesment regularly and continue to find new meaning in it. As you come to know yourself better, the need for alignment will become more acute.

Therefore, job alignment becomes a life skill, not just an event. Periodically ask yourself

  1. Are there ways to align even more of my work with my strengths in my current job?
  2. What other jobs in the organization might be a good fit for me?
  3. If I needed to find another job tomorrow, where would that be?
How long will it take to find the right job? It will take the rest of your life.

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