What Stops You Delegating
By: Ian Traynor


Inability to delegate is one of the most common problems we have encountered in managers, business owners - and people in general? Managing is all about getting results by organizing other people's work. Poor delegation can reduce work output - and profitability - considerably.

So, what stops you from delegating? And don't say "There's only me in the company"; many tasks can be delegated outside the business.

Time to be honest with yourself! If you answer "YES" to two or more of the following questions, you've got a problem you need to face up to:

1. Are you unsure of what you yourself are responsible for?

2. Do you feel more at home doing routine tasks rather than planning, checking and controlling the work of others?

3. Do you insist on doing things that you know you can do better than other people - even though this stops you from doing jobs that no-one else can do?

4. Are you afraid that you will be seen as 'not busy' unless you are mucking in with the rest of the team?

5. Are you unsure of other people's ability to take more responsibility for their work?

6. Do you dread the thought of having to correct other people's mistakes?

7. Does it worry you having to account to your boss or your colleagues for decisions made by other people?

8. Are you worried that your job or your authority might be undermined by subordinates?

OK, so this may not solve your problem, if you are not delegating enough. But recognizing that there is a problem is half the battle.

2007, Ian Traynor.

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