Improving Your Career A Contact Sport

By: Heather Eager


Shaping Your Career

You need to have great career skills to climb the corporate ladder successfully. Career skills are also crucial if you want to switch jobs within your field. Your skills play a vital role in differentiating you from many others who probably have the same educational qualifications as you. Marketing and negotiation skills and public speaking and leadership skills are some of the skills that if mastered, can help you excel in virtually any career field.

"Networking" To Advance Your Career

Social networking is one of the most popular ways of connecting to people across the world through the Internet. Networking enables you to stay in touch with the right people and develop good business contacts crucial to your career growth. After all, getting a great job is all about being at the right place at the right time. And networking gives you a phenomenal power to stay connected with the right people to advance your career in the right direction. If you love to talk and make friends, networking wont be difficult at all.

Networking simply requires that you interact with people effectively. You don't need to be a close friend of someone to get a job or ask for a favor. "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" is the overriding principle for getting favors through social networking. There are a number of social networking sites you can choose from. Another way to network is to join a local organization or a social club. Once you get into the habit of socializing and meeting people on a regular basis, you will be able to develop good contacts that can help you progress in your chosen career.

Set Realistic Goals

To be able to enjoy career success, you have to set realistic goals. Impossible, unattainable goals often become the cause of disappointment, dealing a blow to your self-esteem in the bargain.

Work With A Career Coach

A well-rounded career necessitates a good balance of interpersonal relationships, recreation and work. All these ingredients in the right proportion will make your career more meaningful than just a series of jobs. Work with a career coach, partner, or mentor who can motivate you and guide you on your path to success. A career coach can help give you the necessary tools to hone your business skills and encourage you to stick to your plans. You can also be a part of a support group or a group of likeminded people with similar business objectives and career interests.

There are many effective ways to improve your career. Always remember that career improvement is a journey there isn't necessarily just one destination.

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