5 Secrets Of Career Success
By: Dawn Wood


Everywhere you go, you are bombarded with new information and developments. As things continue to spin out of control, it can be difficult to feel like you are still captain of your own ship, or the master of your own fate. No matter how much the world changes (and your life changes with it), there are still some timeless truths about what it takes to be successful.

  • Motivation

    Knowing what motivates you is an important key in developing and sustaining a successful career. The key to understanding personal motivation is in knowing what energizes you-what kinds of activities, people, places and situations are personally stimulating and fulfilling?

  • Devoted to Hard Work

    Be willing to work hard and do not be afraid of bumps in the road (failures). If you love what you work is easy. Success depends on the ability to learn from mistakes, overcome challenges and keep on going.

  • Celebrating everyday successes

    What about the little wins, focus them rather than on some giant jackpot. Little wins add up to big wins and are much more easily achievable. Things like resolving a customer dispute, learning a new skill, getting a good performance appraisal, learning to handle constructive criticism are building blocks acquired along the journey to the destination.

  • Follow your dream

    Missions are the values or dreams that drive super achievers to pursue excellence. Many mission-driven career changes have emerged after 9/11. People have been compelled toward more meaningful work.

  • Discover your passion

    To discover your passion, you must ask yourself what you place at the center of your life-what you personally find most fulfilling. Then build your livelihood around that central interest or value.