Women Still Facing Barriers in Career Advancement
By: J. Donnelly


96% of Women Respond Corporate Culture Favors Men:

PORTLAND, Ore. -- After decades of progress, today's working women still report significant barriers to career advancement according to a poll released today by CareerWomen.com.

"Women are still facing challenges when it comes to career opportunities and advancement," said JillXan Donnelly of CareerWomen.com. "The responses and the comments from this poll make it very clear that women have to look very hard for advancement opportunities and make it a priority."

CareerWomen.com polled site visitors about their current job experience and if they felt women faced barriers to career advancement. The common barriers they cited are as follows:

Corporate culture favors men 96%
Exclusion from informal networks 85%
General stereotypes/preconceptions 78%
Perception of management that family responsibilities will interfere with work 52%
Lack of women on Board of Directors and Executive Management 45%
Women place barriers in her way 19%

Visitors were also invited to post their confidential comments regarding their personal situation regarding career advancement.

Feedback included:

  • "Men still do more business with other men."

  • "A man is expected to advance, be promoted throughout his career. A woman has to prove herself over and over for each upward move."

  • "Work/life balance is so difficult for women. Children, aging parents, home responsibilities all seem to be more women's issues."

  • "When seeking a promotion, I always consider I can do it all I don't think this is a consideration of my male colleagues."
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