Lead the Teleworker Wave
By: Donna L. Quesinberry


Telework and telecommuting may be referenced in synonymous terms, albeit similar, they are altogether different as career choices. Telework, recognized as work completed through an electronic means, is typically performed as an independent worker. Telecommuting, understood to be work completed through electronic means from home or from a telecommuting center, is understood to be an employee performing portions of their workflow (per paycycle) offsite. Both of these practices are gaining recognition within the millennial career environment. Telework is, however, an employment option where you fulfill your career desires.

It is interesting to note pre-eminent numbers of Teleworkers and Telecommuters worldwide are male, over 35, earning in excess of $75K per annum. Of these independents, the majority of them are European. The European community purports proactive statistics of Teleworker and Telecommuter workforce in the world as a whole. The greatest gains globally in Teleworking and Telecommuting are held within the European communities. The fact is the concept of an electronic workforce functioning successfully outside of a classic office environment is well received in the European marketplace.

Teleworking as an independent specialist can become your ideal profession. You can perform work that you love, in the form of career employment, from your home as a portable and autonomous worker. Telework occupations that you may opt for are:

  • Advertising representative
  • Auditor
  • Billing and invoice services
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Business organizer
  • Business planner
  • Business writer
  • Collection agent
  • Computer bulletin board services
  • Computer consultant
  • Computer graphic services
  • Copywriter
  • Desktop publisher
  • Duplicating services
  • Errand services
  • Event planner
  • Executive recruiter
  • Form designer
  • Grant writer
  • Income tax services
  • Mail order services
  • Meeting planner
  • Newsletter publisher
  • Office support services
  • Proofreader
  • Resume writing
  • Reunion planner
  • Temporary help agent
  • Transcription services
  • Travel coordinator
  • Wedding consultant, and
  • Writer, etc.
Personal reasons for deciding upon a Teleworking career range from simple to complex. It is a wise venture therefore to involve some personal analysis and planning as you progress into the Telework arena. Completing personal assessments (e.g.: asset analysis, market analysis, motivational analysis, talent warehouse) to determine your market niche' along with a mission statement and business plan should provide you with the information necessary to determine your Telework agenda. The greater the ease of upstart in your Telework career the greater the result of your successes.

Analysis of your assets includes:
  • Contacts,
  • Education,
  • Equipment available,
  • Life experiences,
  • Previous job experiences,
  • Resources, and
  • Training.
Market analysis of your niche' includes:
  • Cost-benefit analysis,
  • Future forecasting,
  • Questionnaires,
  • Satiation measurements, and
  • Trends in the marketplace.
Analysis of your motivation includes:
  • Ambition,
  • Dedication,
  • Education,
  • Level of compulsion,
  • Personal history
  • Reasoning, and
  • Talent reservoir.
Your talent warehouse includes:
  • Ease of performance,
  • Learned qualities where you excel,
  • Natural gifts and abilities, and
  • Social interactivity.
From your in depth analyses and assessments you gain a clear understanding of where your Telework foundation is focussed. In this assimilation of your Telework livelihood you need to begin securing connections in your niche' market. Remain enthusiastic as you approach others. Let prospective clients know what you are planning on doing. From your enthusiasm will come their interest. When their interest is acquired bond with your clientbase. After developing associations with your clientele base invest your time, energy, and profit margin toward being known and respected. Build quality relationships with your clientele. Earn their newfound trust through qualitative delivery of your product. You will then have the viability you seek as a Teleworker. Your resultant successes will continue and rely solely on your continued ascription to your personal assessment and re-assessment cycles. Look at your career in a cyclic progression as an upward spiral of autonomous employment. Statistics say Teleworking can be successful. Telework is being accomplished within the global community.

Teleworking is going to become a new assimilation of the global workforce in the not so distant future. As forerunners in this environment, believe in yourself as you lead the wave.

Donna L. Quesinberry