Succeed Fast-Using the Principle of Yucky!
By: Roy Primm


It's been said the difference between the "haves" and the "have-nots" - can be traced back to the people who did and the people who did not!

When it comes to creating a niche, more people than you can imagine have used what I call the principle of yucky.

Using the principle of yucky is one of the quickest ways to make money you'll ever find.

Master this principle and I can guarantee you'll never be broke another day in your life.

In fact, if everyone would use this principle the unemployment numbers would melt like an ice cube in July. The Welfare rolls would shrink like a cheap suit, and poverty would drastically decrease.

So, what exactly is the principle of yucky? I'm glad you asked, it's simply doing what other people find disgusting, irritating, or in a word yucky.

A billionaire once said, "The quickest way to success is to do what others don't like to do." Don't laugh, most people are willing to gladly pay money to people who will do the things they find disgusting, irritating or stressful. Wouldn't you?

For example, if you had rats running through your restaurant at lunchtime would you pay someone to get rid of them? Of course, you would.

But rats aren't the only things people find disgusting or yucky. Thousands of yucky services exist that people will pay you to do. The key point here is the thing may be yucky to them, but not to you, especially if you can grow richer doing it. Believe me, money in your pocket will make it less yucky - whatever it is.

For example, take the man in Florida who has a business that makes over $100,000 a year picking up dog poop in parks, and recreational areas. The single mother who started a business cleaning bathrooms, and takes in over $5,000 a week. Or the husband and wife team that take in over $2,000 a week bathing dogs in the clients home.

Yes, the list is endless; it's only limited by your imagination. You'd be surprised what people will pay you just to get out of doing it themselves. Use this attitude to your advantage.

Yucky opportunities to make money are all around you. And most importantly, you'll be helping people while you make money.

You'll find even the most penny-pinchin tightwad will gladly pay you. Why? To get out of doing something they find yucky, disgusting, irritating or stressful if your price is right.

With the growing senior citizen population, single mothers, and busy people on the move in general. The principle of yucky will be a valuable principle to remember and use for years to come.

The market demand is wide open. More and more people are demanding more free time. They don't want to spend days off, vacations, or weekends doing mundane chores, cleaning, or doing other "Yucky" things.

That's what makes the principle of yucky so valuable, especially to the alert success-minded person. In fact, if you are a success-minded person $ signs should be swirling around your head as you read this.

The trick is to find something you like doing, or can at least tolerate. Just remember, you're going to get paid real money to do what people with money find disgusting, mundane, or irritating etc.

You now have the start of a niche business that could make you lots of cold hard cash, very quickly and with very little risk. From a business point of view what could be better than that?

Remember, you don't personally have to do the yucky things forever. You can hire or partner with others to do it for or with you. For example, you can line up the work, handle the management, and pay others to do the yucky stuff. Either way you'll make money.

Remember, the secret to creating a moneymaking niche is to do what most normal people don't like to do. It's that simple. Don't make it complicated.

Having the above attitude can make you incredible amounts of money.

Thousands of people in your local area will gladly pay you to help them do the yucky routine stuff in their life. They're just waiting for you to offer your services to them.

If you have an established business, you can use the principle of yucky to get an edge on your competition. You simply do what your competitors don't do, can't do, or are unwilling to do.

Do the yucky stuff for your customers or clients that your competitors aren't doing. Believe me your customers will take notice. Wouldn't you?

The person or business who is willing to roll their sleeves up and do the yucky stuff that others try to avoid, will have a solid niche that will attract money and good will from customers.

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