How to Start Your Own Nursing Agency Business

By: Dannie Porter


Changes in the business environment create opportunities for entrepreneurs. Successful new businesses are usually created to meet a specific need in the society.

The baby boomers are aging. In the 80s, the baby boomers created a bulge in the population in the age category of 35 to 44. In the 90s, the baby boomers will be 45 to 54 years old. What impact will this have on the market? In addition, the aging baby boomers will probably increase the demand for health care service.

There are more elderly in the population than ever before. They need products and services that help them to live full lives. It is no wonder that the home health care industry and retirement housing is booming.

About half of the RN workforce will reach retirement age in the next 15 years.

Urban hospitals reported that filling nursing vacancies is significantly more difficult. Small hospitals are experiencing increased difficulty in recruiting obstetrics nurses, and the time to recruit them has substantially been increasing.

Larger and urban facilities reported increased use of agency and contract nurses. It is estimated that the shortage of RNs will reach 500,000 within 10 years.

Casual nurses often have a high level of expertise obtained through working in different environments and dealing with a wide variety of situations. This makes them very adaptable and attractive to employers.

While many employers are keen for the experience offered by the growing number of agency-contracted nurses, the attraction for the nurses themselves is also very appealing, with flexibility being one of the more important aspects.

In today's market place nursing has a unique service to offer not only to hospitals but nursing homes, private care and doctor offices. Nurses have the skill, knowledge and motivation to be successful entrepreneurs. The definition of entrepreneur is a person who organizes, operates and assumes the risk for a business adventure.

The nursing shortage is just beginning and there doesn't appear to be a quick fix in the near future. Much of the nursing workforce is coming up on retirement time, which is only going to compound the lack of skilled nurses to deal with the oncoming baby-boomers. There is no better feeling than to own your own business. Nurses will enjoy not only increased wages but also an increased feeling of self-respect. Nurses are the perfect business owners. They have the communication skills and the ability as assess, implement and organize a plan. These are the same criteria that any business owner uses.

Today's nurses occupy a critical position in the changing environment of health care management. With the expansion of managed care programs and developments such as long-term care, home health care, shorter hospital stays, and specialized rehabilitation programs, it is essential that nurses can integrate sound business and management skills with their advanced clinical skills.

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors of business in the country. As the shortage of qualified nurses becomes more pronounced, the need for Nursing Registries is growing faster then ever. Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, and doctors' offices are looking for alternatives to their staffing needs, and with the ever-increasing nursing shortage, you have the opportunity to start a successful business with limitless possibilities.

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