Print Files, Images and Documents to Any Printer Worldwide for Free with Printer

By: Efi Gershom


New software and technology from PrinterAnywhere Inc. enables any user with an Internet connection to connect to any printer worldwide. Users are able to share their printer or connect to another printer, without standard networking equipment, by downloading and installing the free software at www.PrinterAnywhere.com.

Mission, KS (PRWEB) July 19, 2006 -- PrinterAnywhere Inc. recently launched a new service and technology allowing users worldwide to share printer resources for free. Users of the service only need an active Internet connection and the free software available for download at www.PrinterAnywhere.com. This printer sharing technology was developed to serve as a solution in situations where fax machines aren't available, email is an unacceptable solution because of privacy issues, and even to serve as a simple solution to often complicated printer sharing on home networks.

PrinterAnywhere.com allows two users from anywhere in the world to connect to each other's printers to share files or important documents that aren't suitable for other available transfer methods. The service is entirely free for users to either send files to a printer, or to receive a file from someone to be printed by their equipment. Both users simply need to be connected to the Internet during the data exchange (not necessarily at the same time), and each user needs to install the PrinterAnywhere software, which can be downloaded for free from www.PrinterAnywhere.com.

It isn't uncommon for business professionals to use printer services with copy / print shops such as Kinkos. PrinterAnywhere allows them to send the printouts exactly where they're needed without having to visit a store. Everything can be done from an Internet connection. There are several situations where the PrinterAnywhere service would be beneficial including:
  1. There is no fax machine available or working for either the sender or receiver of the document.

  2. There are multiple computers in a home or business that need to share one printer, and typical networking equipment isn't working properly or is too difficult to set up.

  3. Documents need to be transferred which are confidential in nature, and sending them via email poses a risk of the files being forwarded to unwanted parties.

  4. A student's printer may stop functioning when they need to print an important paper or report, and they need to access another printer immediately through a friend.

  5. Documents can't be properly transferred via email, because the two users have different and incompatible versions of software for reading the document.

  6. The PrinterAnywhere service allows users to print documents and files from wireless hotspots such as Starbucks and Panera Restaurants, where printers may not be available.
This new technology freely available from PrinterAnywhere Inc. provides a new document transfer and printing option to business professionals, students, and home users equally. Anyone with an Internet connection can easily download the free PrinterAnywhere software, and immediately share their printer or print files to any available printer in the world.

For additional information on the PrinterAnywhere service or technology, contact Efraim Gershom at (913) 312-1370 or visit www.PrinterAnywhere.com.

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