Teach Corporate Teamwork with Scavenger Hunts and Other Team Building Activities

By: WatsonAdventures


A company divided is a company that will fall. Experienced managers understand that teamwork among their employees is as vital to the success of a company as it is for a sports team trying to win a game.

The coach of a sports team can't expect to simply throw a bunch of players on a court or playing field and expect them to play well together. The players don't know each other, they don't understand each other's playing styles, and they don't know the strengths and weaknesses of their fellow teammates. The same holds true for employees.

In sports, practices are held to help the coach and players understand where everybody's strengths and weaknesses lie, as well as to help the players get to know and understand each other. This is how you build a strong team.

In the corporate world, practices should still be held just as they are in the sports world. However, the "practices" don't have your employees running up and down a court or kicking a ball around. There is a different style to corporate team building. One of the most effective team building exercises has been found to be scavenger hunts. A fun, teamwork oriented scavenger hunt brings employees together, forcing them to work as a team to solve a problem and allowing people to bond in an enjoyable non-work and stress free environment.

Furthermore, team-building exercises like scavenger hunts can boost the corporate bottom line. How?

Corporate sponsored activities, like scavenger hunts, not only help employees bond and work better together, but it also boosts company morale. How does that boost the profitability of a company?

Management expert David Maister studied 29 companies around the world, determining the correlation between employee attitudes and the companies' success. His conclusion was very simple and matter of fact: the higher a firm's morale, the more profitable it was.

Put another way, the better an employee feels about the company they work for, the harder they are willing to work for them. The managers with the most successful teams had the ability to "create fun". "Fun" managers not only have more productive employees, but they also have a higher rate of retention and billability.

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