The Age Factor!

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So many of people are reluctant to face retirement simply feeling that it is not for them and that their life is reflected in their work and the sense of purpose they feel as they wake up each morning to face the prospect of another working day.

So it is not a silly question to ask do you really need to find a new job? Perhaps the reality is that you need to have a regular income, which is the case for the majority of people. If this is the case a good strategy at this point would be to decide how much money you actually need and what intervals.

When deciding this you must look at all the factors in your life such as:

  1. How many children do you have and what financial support do you continue to provide? I.E. College Fees etc

  2. What are your mortgage requirements currently?

  3. Do you have capital, savings etc?

  4. What income you could turn your savings into and for how long?

  5. What are your annual expenditures?

When you have developed answers to the above questions you must determine whether you can live comfortably within your means on your capital or whether you do indeed need to secure new employment.

Just for a minute think about what that employment means:

  1. Hassle experienced travelling to and from work.

  2. The strain of keeping up in a world with an increased pace of life.

  3. Having to place your family and social life second to your working life due to the expectations placed on you by your employers.

Perhaps when you weigh up all these factors you may have come to the realisation that you would be content to take up part time work to help supplement your income and simultaneously improve your quality of life.

Many former executives, managers and employees have reflected on their life in their mid to late 50’s and realised that this path can continue to stimulate them professionally and yet allow them time for the lifestyle they have long desired.

This is only one path that is available to you and if you are not fortunate enough to be able to take the income drop and need to look at alternatives we are happy to show you methods that can help beat the age factor and place you in employment that too can enhance your life and stimulate you professionally.


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