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Company: Confidential; Location: US-CA-Anaheim/Huntington Beach .
Salary/Wage: May qualify for Paid Vacations, Bonuses, Incentives - Earn up to $18,000+ PT to $240,000+ FT; Status: Full Time, Part Time, Per Diem, Temporary/Contract/Project, Intern, Seasonal .
Shift: First Shift (Day), Second Shift (Afternoon), Third Shift (Night), Rotating, After School; Job Category: Human Resources/Recruiting .
Career Level: Entry Level .

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I won't waste your time - I'll get straight to the point. You are looking at an unique business opportunity - but as in any business you must be willing to INVEST IN YOURSELF. To be serious in this opportunity as in ANY REAL BUSINESS you must be willing to INVEST $9.95 after you go through our FREE presentation.

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I have a very simple story to tell... I was just like you - looking on to try to find a better job because I was sick of my job and I was sick of living paycheck to paycheck. I got lucky and found a great opportunity that has given me the financial freedom I wanted and the freedom to work from home if I chose to so I can stay home and spend time with my kids.

I am NOT going to show you a picture of an expensive car, an oceanfront house, or some other ridiculously expensive luxury, why? Because I don't have those things. I'm not a millionaire, I don't go on vacation every month, nor do I own some island...

BUT... I DO work at home, I DO make enough to to live an upper middle class lifestyle with two kids, I DO spend much more time with my kids and husband, and I DO love what I do and I feel very blessed to have found this opportunity.

What I am doing on Monster is to give back and share what I have done and share the opportunity that was given to me as I was desperately looking for a better way of paying the bills. This is NOT a get-rich-quick-scheme, you WILL have to work hard - but guess what? All of the hard work that you do only benefits YOU!

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Complete Flexibility -
Work Part Time or Full Time
No Traffic - Telecommute and Save Precious Time and Money Every Day
Be Your Own Boss
Raise Your Children Yourself - No Need for Daycare
Learn Valuable Internet Skills - You Will be
Taught by the Best
Achieve Your Retirement Goals - Time to Invest in You
Unlimited Income Potential
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Hear what Others have to say!

I spent 20 years stuck as a Human Resource job in the IT Information Technology field... The constant stress, administrative headaches, and deadlines were affecting my health and I wanted to quit the IT atmosphere. I started this business on a very part time basis and knew right away that I was meant to be my own boss. Now I have time to pursue my own agenda and maybe even fulfill my dream of becoming a writer! - John Pergue

I worked as a human resources manager for the past 31 years and my wife worked in various admin job with temp agencies doing data entry. We wanted the security that having our own successful business would give our family and we wanted more time with our kids - when I got laid off from my last J.O.B. and found this opportunity we just knew that this was our answer -- Don Wilder

When we found this business I was working as a sales recruiter and I knew that I couldn t spend the rest of my life with an unhappy management team. It seemed to me that there was no better way to earn a full time income working part time out of my own home! Cory Reynolds

After working 6 day weeks as an HR assistant for over 10 years, I finally realized that I not only lived paycheck to paycheck but had no time to enjoy anything! I started making money right away, quit my job my second month in the business and now have the time for family and friends that I always wanted. -- Kelly Lilly

I worked as an accountant / bookkeeper and was in charge of auditing payroll, collections and accounts payable for large companies. My husband had certifications from Microsoft and Cisco, plus experience in graphic design. We were both tired of jobs that didn t give us the future that we wanted. We found this business and now we re using our skills to build our own future! - Tanya McDowall

I had spent 20 years working in a teacher. My husband works as a HR Specialist and even with two incomes, we were purchasing more on credit than we were banking from our full time jobs. Working part time, I earned an extra $600 in my first month and after only 18 months, I was banking more than $6,000 a month full time. - Karen Winter

I ve worked as a HR staffing specialist for a number of years, when we had children, day care costs blew me away. I decided to stay at home and work around my family using my computer and now I make more money than I did working full-time. Shannon Dick

I worked part-time as a human resource assistant. I was tired of working at entry level jobs as a HR representative. I wanted to work up the corporate ladder to a management level but it was just too much politics. I had a passion for marketing and sales and when I found this business I knew that I could control my future and become the President! Dollina Rodocker

I was stressed out working as a full time secretary and office manager at a government agency, and two part time jobs in the customer service industry just to pay the bills each month. I found this on-line business and got started right away. My first month I was able to earn while I learned and made an extra $600! After working my business for a year part time, I quit my jobs and started working full time at home with an income of $4500+ a month Amanda Schaffner

After spending years in retail management of a jewelry manufacturing company and in the construction industry, we were tired of keeping someone else s schedule! Too tired at the end of the day, to enjoy our family, we decided to look for a better way. This business was the answer for us, as it allowed us to earn income from home, on our terms. It has been two years now, and we are both running this business full-time. Our dreams are becoming reality Anne and Mark Bullen

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The incomes presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income, nor are they typical. Although Monster has reference to job placements this offering is for a $9.95 Work at Home opportunity and is in no way to be construed as a job offering.

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