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Opportunity Number: 11299381 .
CompanyName: Administrative Business Managers, Inc. .
Location: San Francisco, CA US .
Categories: Information Technology
Salary: Earn Up to $1500/mo PT - $12,000/mo FT .
Minimum Education: High School Diploma .
Updated: 2/22/2007 .

Full Time or Part Time Full Training Provided Start Immediately
Financially rewarding WORK AT HOME opportunity for earning up to $3,000 Part Time; $10,000+ Full Time. Whether youre looking to supplement your income or replace your job in the office management, sales, marketing, administrative, customer service, retail, accounting, financial or banking industries, our proven business model can help you Work from Home around your familys schedule. Regardless of your background... executive, president, retail management, accounting, banking, CPA, financial analyst, mortgage broker, administrative assistant, manager or secretary... our simple and powerful online system has helped people just like you build financially and personally rewarding lives by telecommuting working at home.

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WORK Part time or Full time.... ENJOY Benefits such as paid vacations and bonuses.... RECEIVE Tax advantages.... BUILD Toward retirement.... EXCLUSIVE Access to our Online Marketing System.

But then we found this exciting online business system instead. When we first started working from home, we had no experience with online sales or advertising methods. We worked with our coach who guided us through every aspect of our online business. With our turnkey automated online system and personal training from our leadership team, we earned a great part time income of $2,000 a month while we worked a full time job. Over time, we eventually quit working our dead-end jobs in the management and accounting fields and now were working from home online and earning over $9,000 a month.

Entry level opportunity; no experience necessary just a willingness to learn how to manage your own company while we help you develop customer service and online marketing skills.

Start part time or full time... spend more time with your kids while working from home online.

Education and training sessions are offered in many areas, including: New York, California, Arizona, Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, Massachusetts, Virginia and Georgia.

We are NOT a company based on friends and family, door-to-door sales or telemarketing. Were not looking for sales people at all. In our system, people come to you.

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Weve leveraged the explosive growth of e-commerce and information technology with direct marketing online. Were taking advantage of the staggering $1.2 trillion a year people are spending worldwide on IT e-commerce sales. We will teach you how to tap into the expanding market of baby boomers by capitalizing on retail sales opportunities and the internet. Were affiliated with a $3 billion New York Stock Exchange [NYSE] international company thats been in business for over 26 years.


Karen Winter earns over $10,000 per month after only 2-1/2 years "After 20 years of working as a director for a Fortune 500 company, living pay check to pay check, I knew I had to make a major change in my career. My husband worked as an engineer By my 3rd month in business, I was earning more than $2,600. Today, Im working online around my 4 teenagers and my wonderful husband. I couldnt be happier!"

Amanda Schaffner started looking for administrative jobs or finance jobs, but was thrilled when she found this home based business instead! "I was stressed out working as a full time secretary and executive, office manager at a government agency, and two part time entry level receptionist jobs in the customer service industry just to pay the bills each month. I was tired of paying over $1,000 a month in day care and I knew there had to be a better way. So I searched for internet jobs online and found this on-line business instead. My first month, I was able to earn while I learned and made an extra $600. After working my business for a year part time, I quit my jobs and started working at home full time with an income of over $5,000+ a month."

Work smarter, not harder so you can eventually QUIT your FULL TIME JOB "I received an education and then pursued an information technology career. As a systems network architect and IT manager building client server, database and web applications for a variety of oracle clients, I provided a nice lifestyle for my family, but the hours were long. Im so glad that I found this direct marketing business!" Sherry Kingsley

Phil Keogh was tired of 60 hour work weeks in the engineering industry; he wanted to work at home online with his family "I graduated as an engineer and I worked as a project manager in the software industry for the past 15 years and my wife worked for a transportation company as a driver. We were tired of working for someone else, we wanted more security, and most importantly, we wanted to spend more time with our kids. Two years later, were making over $10,000 a month working full-time and our children just love the extra time we have to spend with them now!"

More MONEY and quality FAMILY TIME "For 31 years, I worked in the information technology industry and my wife was a consultant at various temp agencies. We wanted the security of our own successful online marketing business and we wanted more time with our kids. When I got laid off from my last J.O.B. and found this internet business, we just knew that this was our answer!" Don Weidner

Cory and Natasha enjoy earning over $8,000 a month working part time after only 12 months in business! "My fiance and I were married in November 2002. Natasha was working a dead end admin bookkeeping job and I was finishing off a business administration degree with minors in finance and accounting. After four years of college and jobs in both the banking and retail sales industries, I knew that working for myself was the only way to go. Were earning over $8,000 every month now."

Shawn Dahl started out earning a nice part time income while he learned this on-line business ..hes now earning over $12,000 a month! "I was a real estate agent / mortgage broker for 8 years and my wife is a doctor of natural medicine in the healthcare field. I made OK money, but I did not like chasing clients. What attracted me to this business was the fact that interested customers come to me. Although I used my sales / direct marketing experience to build my micro franchise business, this turnkey, automated system made it so easy for me to earn while I learned. In fact, I earned over $12,000 last month alone."

Dollina Rollins started looking for clerical / office entry jobs.... but changed her mind quickly when she decided to be her own Executive working from home! "I worked part time as an administrative assistant. I was tired of working entry level jobs as a receptionist or as an executive assistant. I wanted to work up the corporate ladder to a management level. I had a passion for direct marketing in sales, and when I found this work online at home opportunity, I knew that I could control my financial future and become the president!"

Once a certified public accountant, Tanya Phillips was earning over $3,000 a month part time after only 6 months in business! "Three years ago, I was searching for financial jobs, banking jobs or accounting jobs as a CPA financial analyst. Then I came across this internet home based business that didnt require much more than basic admin and telecommunications skills. At the time, I was working as an accountant / bookkeeper / project manager and was in charge of auditing payroll, collections, accounts payable, accounting and financial analyst duties for large companies. My husband had certifications from Microsoft and Cisco, plus experience in graphic design, web site marketing and web site advertising. We were both tired of jobs that didnt give us the future that we wanted. We found this business and now were using our new-found entrepreneur skills to work online at home and were earning over $9,000 a month."

Vince Peterson telecommutes 30 seconds to his virtual home office "I had been taking care of my folks before they passed away. I had been a computer programmer with a strong IT and management background before; I had tried various online jobs, and I was going back to school to brush up on my e-commerce business / internet sales skills. I realized that I did not want to get back into computers, and at my age it was not easy to find a job. Well, the day hotjobs.com emailed me with this work at home business opportunity, I ordered my decision package right away. After 6 months, Im making over $4,500 a month."

Gretel Gabhen started this online business opportunity part-time and now shes fulfilling her dreams full-time "I spent 20 years in management in the advertising / printing / customer service industries. The constant stress, administrative headaches, and direct marketing / online marketing / consumer marketing deadlines were affecting my health and I was making the pharmaceutical sales industry rich. I started this business on a very part time basis and I knew right away that I was meant to be my own boss in this work at home business. Now I have time to pursue my own agenda and now fulfill my dream of becoming a writer."

Find out if this work at home career is for you. The Decision Package offered online for $9.95 under our 15-day introductory offer is backed by a 90-day money back guarantee.


Find out if this work at home career is for you. Although beyond.com has reference to job placements, this offering is for a Work at Home opportunity and is in no way to be construed as a job offering. The incomes presented are applicable to the individuals depicted and are not a guarantee of your income nor are they typical. Each individuals success will be determined by his or her desire, dedication, effort, ability to follow the training of our system and personal talent.

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