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Ability to choose, or make a decision High energy level
Adventuresome Honesty
Alertness Integrity
Assertiveness Initiative, drive
Astuteness Loyalty
Attention to details Open-minded
Authenticity Optimism
Aware Orderliness
Conscientious Patience
Calm Persistence
Candid Performing well under stress
Commitment to grow Playful
Concentration Poise
Cooperation Polite
Courage Punctual
Curiosity Reliability
Dependability Resourcefulness
Diplomacy Risk taking
Dynamic Self-confidence
Easy-going Self-control
Emotional stability Self-reliance
Empathy Self-respect
Enthusiasm Sense of humor
Expressive Sincerity
Firm Spontaneity
Flexibility Tactfulness
Generosity Thorough
Good judgment Tidiness
Tolerance Versality

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