Turning An Interview To Your Advantage

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We have all been told that often it is not the most suitable candidate that gets the jobs but the candidate who performs best at interview.

There is an element of truth in this statement because letís face it a candidate may ruin their chances of success by performing badly at the interview stage.
As with your resume, portrayal and presentation are two of the most important weapons in your arsenal. While poor presentation can destroy the content of your interview, a slick polished presentation canít compensate for lack of content.

Interviewers are smart people who have generally seen it all. Glib conversation or a smooth talker rarely fools them. They are seeking out the substance contained within the answers and the actual knowledge that is fuelling the answers.

It is difficult to find the happy medium, while you canít develop a line of smooth answers it is equally ineffective to sit back passively and wait for an interviewer to pull answers from you.

You must participate from the very outset. It is a 30-minute forum, which offers you the opportunity to showcase your talents, skills and experience. It really is a one Ėtime opportunity, there wonít be a second chance given.

Prepare, practice and practice again.


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