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A point that can often get overlooked in the scramble to piece together an effective resume is ensuring that you create the correct impact.

Always remember what the aim of your resume is – to impress upon a prospective employer your potential, experience in addition to the contribution you will make at their place of employment.

A professional resume is an extremely important tool in this process so take stock of your experience to date, avoiding the common mistake that people often make, using the resume as a soapbox to trumpet past triumphs and achievements. Obviously your resume must acclaim your talent and skills but in a subtle way that demonstrates your personal character and lack of egocentricity.

Write your resume so that it becomes an answer to someone else’s problem, quite simply you are telling an employer what you can do to help them resolve their needs.

Target your resume to the job you are seeking, very often candidates make the mistake of detailing aspects of a previous role that bear no relevance or significance to their current job search.

Proofread each section for completeness and accuracy, invest your time effectively to ensure that the final document you produce details the very best of your attributes, skills and experience.


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