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If you are one of two hundred respondents to a job advertisement how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

If this thought has suddenly disheartened you donít panic. This is where your comprehensive list of skills, personal characteristics, qualities and experience comes into play.

An important factor for any employer when it comes to candidate selection is determining employee reliability and dedication. Emphasize the manner in which you have put your qualities to work, the effective contribution made and the value you have added to the organization / company. Essentially you are telling the employer why it would be their good fortune to secure your employment at their organization.

In emphasizing your strengths and personal qualities, it is also important to concentrate on your weaknesses and the aspects of your performance that require improvement.

Donít be disillusioned by this thought, for through self-awareness will come the ambition and the resolve to remove these obstacles. Additional training and increased awareness will provide the improvement you need and the incentive to move forward.


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