Why Resumes Donít Get Read

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For recruiters and employers involved in a recruiting drive the influx of resumes that hit their desks is almost impossible to believe.

How then do you ensure that your resume is given the attention it deserves? By learning exactly why resumes donít get read and avoiding these common errors is the simple answer.

These are many of the most common criticisms levelled at resumes:
  1. Too long
  2. Too much solid text
  3. Poor layout Ė ineffective use of white space
  4. Poor quality
  5. Too much waffle / hype
  6. Boring
  7. Too many different typefaces
  8. Inadequate information supplied
  9. Unexplained gaps
We could continue but I think you may get the picture. Without a doubt the first one is the most common. From our critiquing service, we have had a lot of experience with this particular issue. It is not uncommon to receive a resume that is 7 pages in length, and worse each page is merely repetitious of the previous one.

Remember the fundamentals of resume writing are to create an immediate impact and impart concise but valuable information that promotes you as a serious candidate.

Before you even put your thoughts on paper, take all the above into account so that you may learn the what not to doís early in the process.


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