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In an increasingly politically correct world we have changed our perspective and our requirements in the information we need to see contained within a resume.

The following details the information that is neither relevant nor beneficial as you create your resume.
  1. Age / Sex / Marital Status
    These have no impact on your ability to perform your job and have no place within your resume.
  2. Political or religious affiliations
    In an increasingly diverse world this is a risky subject to raise within your resume. They are not relevant to how you perform your job and may differ from your prospective employers views, putting an unnecessary obstacle in your way from the very outset.
  3. Hobbies / Leisure Activities
    Unless these have a strict bearing on the job you are currently applying for or if they positively strengthen your resume this is superfluous information. It adds waffle and can raise questions about your personality if you happen to be involved in a ‘quirky’ interest. Rule of thumb, leave it out.
  4. Voluntary Work
    As with the above unless there is a direct and positive link with the job you are applying for leave this out of your resume. Some employers may applaud your commitment to public service but others may see it as a potential distraction.
  5. Employer Information
    It is not necessary to include the name of your direct Supervisor or Manager, their telephone number or address. Should this information be required it will be asked of you at interview.
  6. References
    There is no requirement to include this information on your resume. This will be requested of you as your application progresses to the final stages.
  7. Jargon
    Be conscious of your use of jargon, everyday language to you perhaps but meaningless to the person reading the resume generally. It demonstrates poor judgement to leave it in and will ensure your resume is placed in the bin.
  8. Financial Remuneration
    Do not include details of your payment expectations. This information will do two things, undersell you or overprice you. Either way it is a faux pas to include it in your resume.
  9. Reasons for leaving previous employment
    Take some good advice and just don’t do it, not in your resume, not at interview, quite simply not ever. It demonstrates abject disloyalty and a hint of stupidity. If asked at interview temper your answers so that you do not criticise former employers in any way.
  10. Employment gaps
    Explain away gaps in employment as without an explanation an employer may jump to the wrong conclusions.
  11. Lies
    Deceit will always catch up with you. If there are areas that you prefer not to disclose, omit them entirely or be sparing with the truth, just don’t lie. Once the untruth is discovered, your chances of securing employment are at an end.
  12. Ambitions
    This is a difficult area to cover so we recommend leaving this information off the resume altogether. If asked at interview you may choose to go into your ultimate ambitions and goals but committing it to paper is a different matter as it is then open to interpretation and can generate the wrong message.


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