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It may sound simplistic but how many times in the course of your career and indeed your life have you wondered – do they know me at all or do they see me in the same way as I see myself?

It is often difficult to communicate effectively what it is you are looking for in a job and harder too to find a position that will provide you with the satisfaction and stimulation you need to perform well within your role.

Each situation is different and many people feel that they have limited options regarding the type of role they may seek. If you have worked in a particular field for the greater part of your career, have a significant mortgage and are paying school/college fees for your children, it’s likely that you won’t be inclined to break the mould and risk going after an ideal position when there are roles available within your field of experience.

Black and White it is not. With every job search there are considerations to be taken into account amongst which are family obligations, financial commitments, experience, qualifications and job stability amongst others.

Therefore it is important that you take the time to evaluate your circumstances in addition to your needs and your wants. Think about all aspects of the job taking into account the following considerations:
  1. What do you like and dislike about your present position.
  2. What factors about the organisation do you like / dislike?
  3. How do you relate to your Manager and colleagues?
  4. What are the promotional prospects in this position?
  5. What have you achieved thus far in your career and what ambitions have yet to be fulfilled?
  6. What hours do you work and how do they affect your personal life?
  7. Where is the job based and what travel is involved in getting to and from work?
Although salary is obviously a consideration we haven’t mentioned it here because first and foremost you must establish what you need from your new position. Putting a price on your job will rule in and out positions that may or may not be suitable. Very often we have been told ‘I can’t go for that position as it is outside my scope – look at the salary’.

It is more important to create an opportunity based on your experience and skills and then once you have secured an interested employer. At this point you may begin to talk about money but from an entirely different prospective once you have established your potential as a candidate.


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