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So you were anxious that you wouldn’t be able to provide enough information to offer a prospective employer and now you are thinking that you have the opposite problem. Don’t worry it happens to everyone, what you need to do now is some selective editing.

You now have a very comprehensive listing of information that covers every aspect of your career to date, personal and professional successes, qualifications, skills, personal characteristics and so forth. Now you must adapt this information so that it fits within the scope of the position you are seeking.

Your resume must provide clear and concise information, avoid waffle and repetition. If a point doesn’t add value remove it. State the facts and delete information that is likely to get you into trouble at an interview.

Answering an interview question when it is clear that you have embellished your information will demonstrate insincerity and even worse appear as though you have something to hide, quickly rendering you defunct in the eyes of an interviewer.

Be hypercritical of your completed resume, check, and check again, edit and proofread.

Keep editing and revising until your resume meets with your complete satisfaction and you are happy that it is an accurate representation of your work history and experiences.


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