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The first point to make about resumes is that as important as they are they will not get you a job, only you can do that.

An effective resume will greatly enhance your potential chances however it ultimately comes down to your personality shining through both your resume and at the interview itself.

Your resume is designed to tell a prospective employer what you can do for them, not what you have done or are able to do. It must signify intent and an ability to reproduce the skills that have ensured you’re past successes.

Your resume plays a crucial part in determining whether you get an initial meeting or not. It will be used to rule candidates out as much as in.

Before you submit your resume to any job application take a moment and think about the following points:
  1. What am I selling?
  2. To whom am I selling?
  3. What do I have that they need?
  4. What makes me stand out above the competition?
Your resume must answer these questions if you are to stand a credible chance of gaining an interview.


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