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Your education details should be included immediately after your work history details. It is not necessary to include details of your early schooling. Depending on the extent of your work experience you may simply need to add in your University or College education details. If you are new to the workforce you may feel it relevant to include your high school details.

Simply detail your school name and the city and state that it is located in and the date attended from and to. Also include the qualification gained at your place of education and if you wish the grade you achieved.

In the event that you have completed professional courses throughout your working life that support your candidacy please include those details within your education section. Once again include the name of the college or university that you are attending and the course that you are attending.

See examples below:


Boston College, Boston, MA                                                   1999 – 2001

BS in Computer Science

Boston University, Boston, MA                                                   1992 – 1995

BS in Accounting


Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                      2001 - Present

BS in Computer Science

Boston College, Boston, MA

BS in Business Administration                                    1994 - 1996

St. Mathew High School, Boston MA.                                    

High School Diploma,
Graduated with Honours.                    1989 – 1994

In the event that you are completing a course outside of the college curriculum, perhaps on the Internet or at a local evening centre you may include these details in the Additional information section of your resume.

This section should be used to detail additional information that is relevant to your prospective employer such as proficiency in computers, fluency in languages, or other skills which while not necessarily relevant to the position you seek nevertheless demonstrate an aptitude and an enthusiasm to learn new things.

If you wish to do so you may include some details of hobbies and outside interests at this point. This information will assist your interviewer in building a profile of your personality and personal characteristics beyond the working environment.


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