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123 Main Street Atlanta, Georgia 30339
Home: (555) 555-1234, Cell: (555) 555-1235 asmith@sample~resume.com

Seek the challenging and exciting position of Woodworker with a firm where exceptional experience and expertise are needed to create varieties of irresistible designs and patterns from wood

An exceptionally gifted Woodworker with huge background in designing, carving, and fabricating custom wood products or patterns which are unique to specifications of individual job assignments.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than seven years experience.
  • Strong knowledge of design techniques, principles, tools and    instruments involved in the production and use of precision    technical plans, blueprints, drawings, and models.
  • Excellent knowledge of materials, methods, and the    appropriate tools to construct objects, structures, and    buildings.
  • Strong knowledge of machines and tools.
  • Remarkable knowledge of production and processing methods    needed to maximize the manufacturing and distribution of    goods.
  • Deep ability to evaluate and inspect product's quality.
  • Exceptional ability to choose the best equipment and tools to    use for a given job.
  • Excellent ability to maintain and keep equipment in good    condition.
  • Uncommon ability to use hand and arm.
  • Profound ability to see the details of objects at close range.

    Professional Experience

    Technical Works Inc., Tarrytown, NY           2002 - Present

    • Cut and shape wood stock to desired dimensions using woodworking machines such as bandsaw or lathe.
    • Draw or sketch design for wood carving, checkering, or marquetry.
    • Shape contours or carve design using hand tools such as drawknife, chisels, or rasps.
    • Lay out dimensions on wood stock according to design or template.
    • Select special woods for carving or marquetry according to color, strength, and grain.
    • Sand and scrape work piece to prepare for finishing.
    • Apply varnish, stain, oil or lacquer to finish surfaces.
    • Inspect finished work piece for irregularities and conformance to specifications or pattern.
    • Sharpen and maintain woodworking tools.

    Technical Works Inc., Tarrytown, NY              1998 - 2002

    Woodworker Apprentice
    (under supervision of experienced woodworker)
    • Started machine, adjusted controls, and moved lever or depressed pedal to bore, shape, smooth, shave, chip, slice or cut woodstock.
    • Re-adjusted and re-aligned guides of sanding, cutting, or boring machines to correct defects in finished product, using hand tools.
    • Installed and adjusted blades, cutterheads, boring-bits, or sanding-belts in machines, according to workpiece, machine function, and specifications, using hand tools.
    • Started machine and moved lever to engage hydraulic lift to press woodstock into desired form, allows for drying-time, and removed.
    • Selected knives, blades, cutterheads, boring-bits, or sanding-belts, according to workpiece, machine function, and specifications.
    • Examined blueprints, drawings, or samples to determine size, type, and setting of machine tools, stops, jigs, and guides to use.
    • Examined finished workpiece for smoothness, shape, angle, depth-of-cut and conformity to specifications, visually and using hands, rule, or other gauges.
    • Examined rollers, sanding-belts, knives, cutting or boring devices and conveyor mechanisms and sharpened or replaced worn parts, using hand tools.
    • Hand-stacked on pallet or conveyor or controls hoist to remove part or product from work-station.
    • Marked or otherwise identified completed and inspected workpiece.
    • Cleaned machines, work-station, or conveyor, using airhose, wax, solvents, brushes and rags.
    • Examined raw woodstock for defects and to ensure conformity to size and other specification standards.
    • Placed water-soaked woodstock into form under hydraulic lift to shape for use in making such items as musical instruments.
    • Placed or secured woodstock against guide or into holding-device prior to feeding into machine.


    High School Diploma (1998)

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