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Objective:   Seek the Position of Tugboat Captain

SUMMARY:   Top class Tugboat Captain with more than six years experience operating tugboat and barge, ensuring safe transit to desired locations, maneuvering & positioning the vessel, communicating through use of radio equipment, performing minor maintenance and daily safety inspections, and ensuring overall safe vessel operation.

Summary of Qualifications
  • Exceptionally skilled in the safe operation of vessels.
  • Huge knowledge of the U.S. Coast Guard "Rules of the Road".
  • Thorough knowledge of the safe and proper methods for towing and mooring other vessels.
  • Profound ability to dock without damaging barge, vessel, pier, mooring or docking facility.
  • Remarkable knowledge of height and width clearances of bridges, power lines, and other overhead obstructions.
  • Immense ability to read and understand charts, radar, Loran compass and other navigational devices.
  • Uncommon ability to determine course, towing speed based on specialized knowledge of winds, weather, tides and current.
  • Strong radar endorsements.
  • Proven ability to maintain balance and coordination on rocking platforms.
  • Remarkably coordinated; possess good vision, excellent hearing and have great depth perception.
  • Sound ability to climb, lift seventy-five to one hundred (75 -100) pounds, live in close quarters, and withstand inclement weather.
  • Uncommon proficiency in the use of radio equipment on the tugboat to communicate with the U.S. Coast Guard, ships, tugboats, etc.
  • In-depth knowledge in the use of tie-up ropes & mooring procedures, engine operation and maintenance, and recognizing possible vessel problem areas.
Professional Experience

Ray Mariners Construction Inc., Minneapolis
2002 - Present

Tugboat Captain
  • Accountable for operating the tugboat and barge.
  • Ensure safe transit to desired locations.
  • Maneuver & position the vessel.
  • Communicate through use of radio equipment.
  • Perform daily safety inspections.
  • Ensure overall safe vessel operation.
  • Responsible for maintaining proper logs and filing reports as required by Government regulations and the Company.
  • Responsible for routine maintenance, adjustments and appearance of tugboat or workboat.
  • Assist Mechanics in major overhaul and repair.
  • Responsible for daily inspections of the tugboat or workboat for wear, safety and integrity of the hull.
  • Direct the work of the tug's crew.
  • Help fight fires or oil pollution at sea, take part in salvage work and assist in rescue operations.

Ray Mariners Construction Inc., Minneapolis
2000 - 2002

  • Operated and maintained shipboard equipment associated with cargo handling and intership transfer of personnel, fuel and materiel at sea.
  • Operated and maintained a ship's anchor and cable equipment for such tasks as towing, the launch and recovery of a ship's boats, and rescue operations.
  • Operated and navigated small craft in enclosed waters, including a ship's boats, auxiliary vessels and tenders.
  • Performed tasks associated with a ship's rigging, rope work and lifesaving equipment.
  • Organized and conducted activities associated with the storage, training and use of small arms, demolitions and ammunition.
  • Planned, organized and conducted drill and ceremonies such as ceremonial salutes, honor guards and burials at sea.
  • Assisted and supervised deck crews in cleaning, preserving and painting the ship and its equipment.
  • Operated equipment such as outboard motors, industrial sewing machines, forklifts and cranes on replenishment ships.
  • Coordinated watchkeeping duties at sea and in harbour.

Education and Professional Training

In Possession Of:
Launchmaster Certificate
Master of Towing License
Valid driver's license

High School Diploma (2000)

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