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123 Main Street Atlanta, Georgia 30339
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Seek the Challenging Position of Lead Steamfitter

A highly talented Steamfitter with huge experience in performing general repairs and preventive maintenance on all steam distribution, chilled water, domestic water, air, gas and vacuum systems under the supervision of a qualified mechanic; checking, constructing, assembling, repairing, and maintaining the piping systems in order to provide adequate and safe steam heat to the various buildings on a College campus.

Summary of Qualifications

  • More than eight years experience.
  • Remarkable knowledge of the practical procedures, specialized    techniques, etc.
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills and abilities.
  • Profound skills needed for direct interaction with others.
  • Sound knowledge of steam and related mechanical systems,    and governing safety regulations.
  • Strong ability to ensure the efficient, safe, and proper    operation and maintenance on the steam and hot water    systems including all piping, valves, and related equipment.
  • Deep ability to check, construct, assemble, repair, and    maintain the piping systems in order to provide adequate and    safe steam heat to various buildings.
  • Remarkable ability to do addition, subtraction, multiplication,    division, squaring and extracting square roots; figuring areas    and volumes, right angle and oblique trigonometry.
  • In-depth ability to read and understand technical literature    and write technical reports.

    Professional Experience

    Rainbow College, Tarrytown, NY                 2001 - Present

    • Clean mechanical rooms, pick up and deliver parts.
    • Assist other mechanics as required/directed.
    • Perform basic calculations and conversions.
    • Perform basic steam fitting maintenance tasks given by higher level mechanic and/or supervisor.
    • Use hand and power tools associated with the trade.
    • Process hot work permits.
    • Perform safety duties as a fire watch.
    • Fill out paperwork including but not limited to work orders, inventory and preventive maintenance forms.
    • Assist qualified mechanic with identifying and performing maintenance on various steam valves rated 150lbs to 300lbs.
    • Assist qualified mechanic with performing minor maintenance tasks on low pressure steam components.
    • Perform intermediate math calculations including ratios and proportions, solve basic algebra, area, volume and circumference problems, and use Pythagorean Theorem to solve right triangle problems.
    • Select, inspect, use and maintain block and tackle, chain hoists, come-alongs, jacks and tuggers for use in rigging. Install the appropriate pipe hangers for piping systems and read and interpret pipe support drawings and symbols.
    • Read and interpret blueprints including plot plans, equipment location plans, P&IDs, piping orthographic drawings, structural steel plans, piping ISOs, detail sheets, line indexes, drawing indexes and instrument summaries.
    • Read and interpret pipefitting standards, codes, and specifications and identify pipe and components according to specifications.
    • Perform trade related calculations including thermal expansion, the use of tables of equivalents and conversion tables and right angle trigonometry. Identify types of pipe, flanges, gaskets and bolts and install pipe sleeves and floor penetrations.
    • Assist qualified mechanic with installation and maintenance of different types of steam and condensate valves.
    • Test piping systems including pretests, service flow tests, head pressure tests, hydrostatic tests and steam blow tests.
    • Install and remove threaded and flanged valves, replace valve stem O-rings and bonnet gaskets, and valve packing.
    • Prepare base metals for cutting or welding.
    • Perform oxyfuel cutting tasks including straight line, piercing, bevels, washing and gouging.
    • Use fit-up gauges and other measuring devices used to align plate and pipe fit-up.
    • Connect welding current and setup arc welding equipment and clean welds.
    • Read welding detail drawings and symbols. Install and replace safety relief valves including pressure and temperature devices. Install, connect, remove and maintain condensate pumping systems.
    • Assist qualified mechanic with installation and maintenance of steam heat coils and associated components. Assist qualified mechanic with installation and maintenance of radiators and associated components.
    • Assist qualified mechanic reading and analyzing steam and condensate meters. Use and install fire-stopping materials Perform air carbon arc cutting and gouging tasks.
    • Read welding detail drawings including lines, fills, object views and dimensioning. Preheat metals, maintain interpass temperatures and postweld heat treatment.
    • Install and maintain steam traps including mechanical, thermostatic and thermodynamic as well as strainers.
    • Identify and maintain components of condensate return systems. Install and maintain the various types of steam control valves.
    • Install and maintain flash tanks and related components. Install and maintain steam and condensate metering devices.
    • Assist qualified mechanic with maintenance tasks on chilled water systems including piping and valves. Perform other related duties incidental to the work herein

    Rainbow College, Tarrytown, NY                      1997 - 2001

    Steamfitter Apprentice (under the supervision of experienced Steamfitter)
    • Installed, maintained, serviced and repaired a variety of hot water, steam, and glycol heating systems and boilers.
    • Provided for the routine and preventative maintenance of boilers and heating systems. Checked tubes, fireside and waterside components.
    • Flushed tubes and drums.
    • Checked refractories, controls, circulating pumps, return pumps, receivers, site glasses, etc. for anomalies.
    • Tested thermocouples, safety valves and performed hydrostatic testing.
    • Performed gasfitting and minor plumbing activities.
    • Installed and maintained gas fired equipment including furnaces, boilers, unit heaters and hot water tanks.
    • Performed small plumbing repairs and installations.
    • Tested and repair back flow preventers.
    • Worked with and assisted other trades and building operation staff in general maintenance activities.

    Education and Professional Training

    Possession of Journeyman Level Trades Certification in Steamfitting and Gasfitting

    High School Diploma (1997)

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