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Objective:   Seek the Position of Recreation Director

SUMMARY:   Exceptionally talented, creative and result-oriented Recreation Director with huge background in working with local leaders and residents of rural towns to develop a summer day camp program consistent with resources, needs and interests of the community.

Summary of Qualifications
  • More than ten years experience.
  • Excellent knowledge of the principles, philosophy, and practices of recreation administration (e.g., program planning, leadership, risk management, budgeting, marketing & public relations).
  • Uncommon understanding of the recreation needs and interests of the community and the ability to meet such needs with innovative programs and services that promotes participation in healthy and enjoyable recreation experiences.
  • Remarkable ability to plan, promote and evaluate recreation services for the community.
  • Strong leadership skills for a wide range of recreation activities and special events.
  • Exceptional ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with town officials and staff, Citizen Action Committee, special interest groups, agencies, and individuals.
  • Profound ability to assimilate into a rural environment for the duration of a project.
  • Excellent ability to communicate effectively orally and written.
Professional Experience

Rainbow County Department of Works, Minneapolis, MN
2002 - Present

Recreation Director
  • Develop effective written program plans for Summer Fun in consultation with the youth leaders.
  • Based on community interests/preferences, coordinate the development and implementation of at least four community wide special events that are available to anyone in the community.
  • Assure that equipment and facilities are safely and properly prepared and maintained for use by program participants and staff.
  • Arrange for broken and unsafe equipment and facilities to be repaired.
  • Effectively supervise youth recreation leaders; and Coach and mentor the youth leaders.
  • Evaluate youth leaders and jointly develop improvement plans when necessary.
  • Recruit needed volunteers and contract service employees (e.g., special guests such as musicians, magicians, etc).
  • Promote and publicize special event programs and services by utilizing all forms of available media.
  • Garner publicity for the recreation program and special events by distributing and following up on a number of news releases to local and regional media.
  • Determine recommended fees to be charged as required for special events.
  • Maintain accurate and detailed financial records; control revenues and expenditures; and make recommendations for future budget appropriations.
  • Supplement the budget through the use of fees, contributions, sponsorships, in-kind services and other fundraising alternatives, as approved by the CAC and Project Manager.
  • Develop a system of record keeping for all recreation resources in the community including volunteers, activity instructors, contributors, and past programs.
  • Assist with the evaluation of the program.
  • Prepare oral and written reports on all aspects of the recreation program as required.

Rainbow County Department of Works, Minneapolis, MN
2000 - 2002

Deputy Recreation Director
  • Directed staff responsible for planning, funding, and operating parks and recreation facilities, including evaluating proposed public/private development of park property to determine project funding potential and financial impact.
  • Directed staff responsible for developing, organizing, and administering citywide specialized maintenance and special programs.
  • Directed staff responsible for budget analysis, accounting, technical services, support services, management research, and operations analysis functions.
  • Planned, prepared, and managed a division budget and budget requests and controls expenditures allotted.
  • Oversaw the department's fiscal condition and oversaw the preparation of multi-year capital improvement programs.
  • Established priorities for long-range planning purposes.
  • Evaluated the adequacy of existing district facilities, recommended improvements, participated in the planning of new recreation facilities, park development, and citywide programs and activities.
  • Reviewed district or division programs and discussed improvements.
  • Wrote City Council reports and Parks and Recreation Board Reports and made presentations.
  • Represented the City with direct responsibility for negotiations, including preparation and implementation of leases and professional services contracts.
  • Oversaw the handling of work elements on complex projects in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Worked closely with citizen groups and not-for-profit agency boards in the development, planning, and use of capital bonds for projects relating to their interests and agencies.
  • Prepared and supervised the preparation of complex comprehensive public and administrative reports (e.g., unit production and cost statistics, activity reports).
  • Demonstrated continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and worked cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service.

Rainbow County Department of Works, Minneapolis, MN
1997 - 2000

Park Manager
  • Supervised employees involved in the maintenance and recreational services at the City's parks.
  • Inspected parks and park facilities to ensure proper care and maintenance of property, and made recommendations regarding needed improvements or measures necessary to protect the natural environment.
  • Oversaw the service and repair of public buildings, picnic areas, roads, hiking and riding trails, fireplaces and fences.
  • Worked directly with the Police Department to control violence and vandalism.
  • Worked with appropriate personnel in other sections and departments and outside contractors regarding major maintenance and development of buildings, water systems, roadways and other facilities.
  • Kept records and prepared written reports, job cost estimates and budget information.
  • Worked with neighborhood and community groups on matters of civic and park and recreational interest.
  • Demonstrated continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service.

Rainbow County Department of Works, Minneapolis, MN
1995 - 1997

Park and Recreation Supervisor
  • Selected and assigned staff, ensuring equal employment opportunity in hiring and promotion.
  • Coordinated activities by scheduling work assignments, setting priorities, and directing the work of subordinate employees.
  • Evaluated and verified employee performance through the review of completed work assignments and work techniques.
  • Identified staff development and training needs and ensured that training was obtained.
  • Ensured proper labor relations and conditions of employment were maintained.
  • Maintained records, prepared reports, and composed correspondence relative to the work.
  • Assisted in the management and operation of a state park, recreation area, and field office.
  • Directed parks and boating activities, special maintenance, and minor construction projects using knowledge of the proper and safe use of personal tools and equipment.
  • Identified, established and oversaw the units' safety program to ensure compliance with legal mandated safety regulations.
  • Detected safety risks and hazards to users and employees and devised corrective measures.
  • Served as a sub-unit supervisor responsible for the independent operation of a park, Directed and participated in the sub-unit's patrol activities to prevent and correct violations of park and recreation or department rules.
  • Accounted for entrance fees, camping receipts, concession revenue, etc., and prepared necessary financial reports.
  • Established unit emergency response procedures and responded to emergencies related to accidents, injuries, or threats to control the facility.
  • Served as a commissioned park and recreation enforcement officer and assisted conservation officers and other law enforcement officers on division administered property.


Bachelor's Degree in Park and Recreation Management (1995)

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