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Objective:   Seek the Position of Railroad, Signal and Switch Operator

SUMMARY:   Immensely talented and resourceful Railroad, Signal and Switch Operator with more than four years experience in operating railroad track switches; coupling or uncoupling rolling stock to make up or break up trains; and signaling engineers by hand or flagging.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Strong ability to adjust procedures to railroad train makeup.
  • In-depth ability to prepare complete safety reports.
  • Exceptional ability to couple and uncouple railroad cars, air    hoses, and electrical connections between cars.
  • Remarkable ability to follow railroad regulations and safety    procedures.
  • Uncommon ability to follow verbal and written instructions.
  • Exceptional ability to inspect material moving equipment    before and during normal operation for wear or breakage.
  • Great ability to inspect rail road tracks, signals, switches, and    cars.
  • Immense ability to inspect railroad equipment, observe,    interpret, and respond to a variety of railroad signals.
  • In-depth ability to operate mechanical and electrical    equipment, track switches, retarders, and two-way radio.
  • Uncommon ability to perform emergency procedures in railroad    setting.
  • Exceptional ability to perform emergency repairs on railroad    equipment.
  • Great ability to perform safety inspections in transportation    setting.
  • Profound ability to read and understand operating manuals,    and route railroad traffic.

    Professional Experience

    State Department of Transport, Minneapolis, MN
    2002 - Present

    Railroad, Signal and Switch Operator
    • Take care of railroad tracks and equipment.
    • Put rail cars together for the transport of passengers and freight.
    • Inspect rails, ties, cars, and engines for defects.
    • Refuel engines and oil moving parts before and after each trip.
    • Divert cars or engines that need repairs.
    • Keep track of how many cars are available, how many have been sent for repairs, and what types of service or repairs are needed.
    • Read the daily car schedule to determine how many cars are needed for the next day's run and use these schedules to put the trains together car by car.
    • Raise and lower levers to couple and uncouple cars.
    • Attach cables and connect air hoses to cars, using hand tools.
    • Use remote controls to move cars from track to track in the yard.
    • Throw track switches to route cars.
    • Ride on top of moving cars and operate hand wheels to slow and stop them.
    • Activate traffic signals using arms, lanterns, or electronic controls and watch for traffic signals from other workers.
    • Set flares, flags, or lanterns ahead and behind the train to warn oncoming trains when it has to stop on emergencies.
    • Help passengers get on and off trains; place baggage in racks over the seats on the train.
    • Collect tickets, fares, and passes from passengers.
    • Answer questions about schedules, train rules, and stations.
    • Adjust controls to regulate heating, air conditioning, and lighting following instructions from the conductor.


    High School Diploma (2002)

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